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Match-Fixing Scandal Shakes Up Cricket Tournament in Nepal

A match-fixing scandal has troubled Nepal’s cricket tournament - the T20 League - with players reporting they have received match-fixing proposals

The Kathmandu Post reported that seven or more players have submitted reports to the International Cricket Council (ICC) after being approached with offers for match-fixing arrangements. 

Former National Team Captain Reports Match-Fixing Offer

One of the reports comes from the former captain of Nepal’s national team and the current captain of the Kathmandu Knights, Gyanendra Malla, who said that one of the members of his team received a match-fixing offer. 

Malla also added that the case has been reported to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the ICC but did not reveal any additional details about the player’s identity, where the proposition came from, or for which match it was made. Malla further highlighted that getting a match-fixing proposition is not the same as accepting it. Not every player will accept in case he is approached with such an offer.

ICC’s ACU also reported that seven other players submitted reports to the Unit that they have received match-fixing offers. ACU also said that they have evidence of foreign players arranging match-fixing, which has also been reported to the ICC.

The Scandal Blew Up Further After Commentator Reported Suspicious Events

A commentator of the T20 League, Sachin Timalsena, also reported suspicious activities during some of the matches that were played in the first 10 days of the tournament and as a result announced that he no longer wants to be part of the tournament. 

In a Facebook video, Timalsena reported: “I saw many surprising and unnatural incidents on the pitch and cricket being used for wrong motives. I saw some low-profile overseas players being assigned as captains instead of the big guns.

He further added that he noticed good players deliberately doing non-bowlers, which he also reported to ACU. Timalsena expressed an opinion that corrupt people are running the tournament, which is very detrimental to cricket in Nepal. 

As a result of Timalsena’s statements, The Ministry of Home Affairs ordered the Nepal Police Headquarters to start an investigation into the match-fixing scandal. Consequently, a police spokesperson announced that the investigation is already ongoing and the force is closely monitoring the tournament for any discrepancies.

At the same time, another scandal is shaking up the tournament with event organizer Seven3Sports not having paid most of the participating teams the sums they owe them as per their contract agreements. All teams were supposed to get 40% before the tournament started but only the teams Pokhara Avengers and Lumbini All Stars have received payments so far.

In protest of this on January 3 the teams Kathmandu Knights and Biratnagar Super Kings refused to start their scheduled match. The game started two hours later after players were reassured by the Cricket Association of Nepal that they will get their money by the next day.


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