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Massachusetts Lottery May Soon Be Available Online

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey has expressed her support for shifting the lottery online, echoing an attempt by the House to do just that

The governor is determined to help boost sales for the lottery and drive additional revenue for the state. This would be possible through the introduction of online products for Bay State’s lottery.

Governor and House Throw Support Behind Expansion

With the House and the governor behind the measure, all that is left is for the Senate to come to a decision. The idea of regulating online lotteries in Massachusetts comes shortly after the expansion of sports gambling.

Gov. Healey has her reasons to want this to be the case. She argues that the lottery needs an online system that would allow it to roll out various games on its digital platform that would be backed by the state – with the state also the ultimate beneficiary.

Not only that but this way the lottery will get a firmer foothold in a market that is incredibly competitive already precisely because of the expansion of in-person and online sports betting and the proliferation of mobile apps designed to help gamblers bet quickly. In an interview last week, the governor said:

We have casinos in the state. We also have DraftKings here in the state, and a lot of money is being spent there by a lot of people.

Gov. Maura Healey

She used the example to emphasize that in its current form, the lottery was unable to compete against the likes of DraftKings. Healey also criticized inaction, saying that the money generated by private companies would simply go into their own pockets, whereas expanding the lottery would have a more significant impact on communities.

Big Windfall Expected from Massachusetts Online Lottery

The project has been weighed by officials and politicians who expect a shift towards an online lottery system to bring in $200 million in revenue, helping with early education and childcare stabilization grants. So far, there seems to be sufficient backing, with the governor sending a clear message to the Senate.

Yet, it has historically been the Senate to oppose the measure, fearing the proliferation of problem gambling. Several attempts to pass an iLottery bill have already been snuffed out in the upper chamber over the years already. However, there may be just about enough momentum to make an iLottery happen in Massachusetts after all this time around.


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