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Massachusetts Introduces Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

Players can enroll in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program in-person, through phone or via GameSense’s website

Massachusetts recently launched its own sports betting market. Retail wagering went live on January 31, followed by an online launch on March 10. As interest in sports bets grows, the state introduced a self-exclusion program for people who wish to shield themselves from gambling.

The so-called Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (VSE) is a statewide program that allows players to exclude themselves from any kind of wagering for a predetermined amount of time. Joining the program also means that players will forfeit or suspend all their reward points and will be removed from marketing lists.

The program was developed to help people bar themselves from gambling, regardless of their reason. The exclusion scheme, according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, represents an agreement between itself, the Massachusetts operators and the self-excluded player.

The VSE allows players to either exclude themselves from casino gaming or exclude themselves from sports betting. The first option will make players unable to enter any Massachusetts casino or play online games, while the second one will prevent them from placing bets on sporting events.

Alternatively, players can pick the dual self-exclusion option to completely bar themselves from gambling. Operators, on the other hand, may extend the exclusion of certain players for a variety of reasons.

If people wish to return to gambling after the end of the exclusion period, they must first complete a brief reinstatement session.

There Are Many Ways to Enroll

There are various ways to enroll in the VSE. One of them is contacting the 24-hour Safer Gaming Education Line. Alternatively, customers can visit GameSense’s website and use the 24/7 chat.

Alternatively, there is a variety of in-person ways in which players can exclude themselves from gambling. Gamblers can schedule an appointment with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission by visiting its headquarters after securing an appointment through phone or email. Players can also visit any GameSense Info Center without an appointment and exclude themselves from gambling there.

When a person opts to join the VSE program, they will be connected with a professional who will help them make an informed decision. To exclude themselves from gambling, players will need to provide a piece of identification with their photo and signature clearly visible. Gamblers will finally be asked to sign a Voluntary Self-Exclusion Agreement and have a photo taken.

Player information is confidential, allowing players to sign the VSA with confidence.

In other news, Massachusetts recently waived some of the restrictions regarding affiliate agreements for sports betting operators.


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