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Maryland Scratch-Offs: A Lucky Man Wins 2nd $2 Million Prize

Launched for sale in 2019, the $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off offered plenty of chances for wins for Maryland residents. Prizes varied from $30 to $50,000 but there were also six top prizes of $2 million each. The deadline for claiming any prizes from the scratch-off ends Monday, November 1.

Lucky Man from Salisbury Wins 2nd Million-Dollar Prize from Scratch-Offs

One lucky man from Wicomico County waited until the last week before the deadline to claim a $2 million grand prize. The man, who was described by the Maryland Lottery as a retired utility worker, purchased the winning ticket from North Salisbury Exxon, a store located at 2403 North Salisbury Boulevard in Salisbury, Maryland.

Although he came across the grand prize during the pandemic, he kept the ticket locked in his safe before deciding to finally claim the prize. What is more fascinating is that several years ago, the man had already won another grand prize. Yes, while some people have a hard time winning the jackpot or a grand prize once, this was not the case for the man from Salisbury, who previously won another $2 million scratch-off prize.

Play for enjoyment and as long as you enjoy what you are doing, win or lose, you’ve already won,

said the lucky winner for the Maryland Lottery

The lottery did not disclose the name of the 65-year-old, but in a statement, he shared his excitement by saying that he was “a bit nervous.” The lucky winner said that he was worried about a fire starting at his home that would have destroyed the winning ticket. Moreover, the lucky man said that he worried that the “ticket’s expiration date might come up and even had just a bit of doubt that it was really real.”

Undoubtedly, winning a grand prize two times is incredibly exciting. With that in mind, the lucky man did advise other Maryland Lottery players hoping to win. He said that players must be realistic and know that they aren’t always going for the big prize. Additionally, the lucky man said that playing must be for enjoyment and as long as the players are doing that, they’ve already won.

Running Errands Can Be Quite Exciting

The Maryland Lottery revealed details on how the lucky man won his 2nd million-dollar prize. After going out for some morning errands, the lucky man visited North Salisbury Exxon and bought two $2,000,000 Richer scratch-offs. Then, he headed to his car to scratch them off.

Each of the tickets cost $30. Once scratched off, the first ticket revealed a $100 prize. After that, the lucky man scratched off the second ticket to see the winning numbers at the top. Then he was looking for the match and was pleasantly surprised that he revealed a “Gold Bar” over a $2 million prize.

Worried because of the pandemic, the Salisbury man put the winning ticket in his safe at home. He was planning to cash it out near the last date to claim a prize for the scratch-off. The first $2 million prize granted him a fortune and the man was able to retire and fund a family vacation. Now, the man will use the money for some home renovation. He will also enjoy time with his family on another family vacation, according to Lottery officials.


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