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Maryland: $5M Lottery Prize Winner Plans to Keep Current Job

Despite winning one of the grand prizes from the 50 Years! instant ticket lottery game, the lucky player confirmed he will continue working at his business

Currently, many popular online memes portray a picture of what will happen if a person wins the lottery along with the text “If I win the lottery I probably won’t tell anyone… but there will be signs.” But while many share their dream home or the goal to adopt hundreds of cute pet dogs and cats if they win the lottery, others prefer not to make major changes and even keep their job. This is precisely the case of a lucky 56-year-old lottery player from Dorchester County, Maryland.

The lucky man, Troy Deneau, is a passionate lottery player. He has purchased many tickets for Maryland Lottery’s 50th anniversary game, 50 Years! and his most recent purchase paid off big time. On Thursday, Deneau bought three 50 Years! lottery tickets from Dash In at 7201 Main Street in Worcester County. The first ticket had a $75 scratch-off prize, while the second had no win. To Deneau’s surprise, the third ticket brought him one of the game’s top prizes, a staggering $5 million.

Sharing his excitement, the lucky lottery player revealed that the multi-million-dollar prize will help him for his retirement. Although Deneau initially planned to stop working in light of the big win, he changed his mind. “At first, I said ‘I’m done,’ but we have been too dedicated to this company for 30 years to walk away,” he revealed.

Currently, Deneau is the business owner of a small fire-protection company. He was a part of the business for a total of three decades yet about eight years ago, he transitioned to a business owner role. Staying true to his business, Deneau will continue working, despite securing one of the top prizes from the 50 Years! instant ticket game.

The Latest Win Isn’t the First One for the Lucky Lottery Player

The $5 million prize claimed by the 56-year-old small business owner marks the second out of a total of three grand prizes from this particular lottery game. Besides another $5 million, there is one $100,000 and two $50,000 prizes to be claimed. Some 18 prizes of $10,000 each are also unclaimed from the game along with minor prizes between $50 and $1,000.

While $5 million was Deneau’s biggest win, it isn’t the first time he won the lottery. The Dorchester County resident previously has secured other 50 Years! prizes, including $100, $200 and even $10,000.

Undoubtedly, he will never forget the day he walked into the Dash In to purchase three more lottery tickets. Selling the winning ticket, the business will receive a $5,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.


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