November 7, 2023 3 min read


Marina Bay Sands Confirms 665,000 Customers Hacked

The operator confirmed that the affected data belonged to Sands LifeStyle rewards members and did not affect its casino rewards program

The leading integrated resort located at Marina Bay in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, confirmed that it has become the latest victim of a cyberattack. The company sent an email signed by its chief operating officer, Paul Town, to some of its customers, revealing that it has uncovered a personal data breach of its Sands LifeStyle rewards program. Although the users were notified this week, Marina Bay Sands confirmed that the data security incident dates back to October 19 and October 20, 2023.

The operator first became aware of the breach on October 20 and immediately took action to remedy the situation. Upon investigation, Marina Bay Sands confirmed that an estimated 665,000 non-casino rewards program members’ data was accessed by “an unknown third party.”

Upon further investigation, the operator confirmed that no evidence suggests that the data security breach affected Sands Rewards Club, its casino rewards program. Additionally, Marina Bay Sands said that there’s no evidence that the accessed data was misused by the unauthorized third party.

Based on our investigation, we do not have evidence to date that the unauthorized third party has misused the data to cause harm to customers. We do not believe that membership data from our casino rewards program, Sands Rewards Club, was affected.

Paul Town, chief operating officer at Marina Bay Sands

Only recently, Cloudflare confirmed that DDoS attacks against gambling companies are on the rise. This month, the company confirmed that gambling operators are among the top 3 targets for cyberattacks in many regions across the globe.

Investigation into the Data Security Breach Continues

Marina Bay Sands’ chief operating officer explained that while the personal data of the Sands LifeStyle rewards program members was not affected, they need to remain vigilant for any suspicious activities. He encouraged members to change their PINs and be on the lookout for attempts of phishing via suspicious links.

After learning of the issue, we quickly launched an investigation, have been working with a leading external cybersecurity firm, and have taken action to further strengthen our systems and protect data,

added Town

Town said that the data security breach has already been reported by Marina Bay Sands to the relevant authorities in Singapore, as well as other jurisdictions. He added that the company continues to collaborate with those authorities. The chief operating officer confirmed that Marina Bay Sands is also collaborating with an external cybersecurity company as it seeks to ramp up its systems’ security and ensure the protection of its data.

Earlier this year, gambling behemoths, Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International, were impacted by cyberattacks as well. The attack against MGM was incredibly intense and disrupted different systems for a period of more than a week back in September.


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