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Man Wins $10M Twice in Two Years from Scratch-Off Tickets

Fortune really doesn’t play favors but in the case of Wayne Murray, a Brooklyn, New York resident, one cannot help but ask themselves if this is really true

Murray has become a bit of a sensation in his own right after the man won $10 million playing scratch-off lotteries in two consecutive years. He hit $10 million in both 2022 and 2023 and did so on not particularly big tickets as well.

Playing for the Love of the Game, Winning Like a Champ

His most recent purchase has to do with two tickets for the New York Lottery 200X game, with each ticket costing him $30. As it turns out, that is all that it takes as Murray landed a $10-million payday on this purchase.

He has opted for a lump sum payment, which left him a little poorer for it with $6,122,400. The state of New York offers winners of lottery tickets to either get annual instalments, and pay a much lower tax, or agree to a bigger tax rate but get their money paid right away.

Murray did the exact same thing when he won in 2022, cashing in on a Black Titanium scratch-off ticket, and winning another $10 million.

The odds of this happening twice in consecutive years are infinitesimal. You have a bigger chance of being hit by a meteorite than winning the lottery twice, let alone in back-to-back years.

To put things in solid numbers, though winning the Black Titanium jackpot comes at odds of 1 in 3.53 million and for 200x, the jackpot is 1 in 3.64 million. These are odds you would not take on any sports wagering market if you knew anything about betting.

Can Murray Get Any Luckier – Apparently, He Can

However, Murray has made sure to keep his initial win a secret. Nobody really knew about his 2022 victory, which was only revealed recently. Murray seems to just have been borne with a solid bit of luck to his name. Apart from now being very well off, he is also living on a property that he inherited from a relative back in 2021.

This is three years of good fortune coming Murray’s way, and it also makes for an anecdotical story of how fortune sometimes favors certain people. Not much else is known about his current plans, but if Murray wins a lottery ticket next year, we are almost certain he will share this with the public. How lucky can you get after all?


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