Man Suffers Gruesome Torture After Refusing to Work For Illegal Gambling Ring

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As far as tortures go, this ranks among the top. It can easily be said that if there is one victim, there are many. UnlessCambodian officials are willing to do what’s necessary to break up the gangs behind the activity, more will suffer. A Chinese man who responded to a job ad became a “blood slave” for months after refusing to work for a criminal gang involved in illegal gambling and other activity.

Trip to Take a Job Goes Wrong

After being lured to Cambodia by a job advertisement, a Chinese security guard was kidnapped by Cambodian gangs and made a “blood slave.” The 31-year-old was taken prisoner, and 27 ounces of blood were taken from him each month for six months.

According to some reports, the gang that kidnapped Li may have sold his blood online to private buyers. The man suffered multiple organ failures as a result of excessive blood extraction. His arms and legs were also covered in bruises from the needles.

Beijing Youth Daily was told by the victim that he had been trafficked after he went to China’s southwest region of Guangxi to respond to an advertisement for a job as a nightclub bouncer. He claimed that he was smuggled into Sihanoukville, a Cambodian coastal city, by a criminal gang. Li was then sold for $18,500 to another gang, which forced him to work in various telemarketing fraud schemes.

After he refused work and received a ransom payment, his captors started extorting blood from him repeatedly in September. Li had lost so much blood from the extractions through his arms that his captors began drawing blood from his head.

Remorse Leads to Freedom

Li was able to escape the gang after one of its members switched sides. He was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday, February 12, and is currently in stable condition.

Li claimed he was used by the gang as a blood slave when he refused their ransom-collecting fraud scheme.

According to the Asia Pacific Times, he claimed that one of the gang members threatened him with harvesting his organs if he refused to allow them to extract his blood.

Li stated that the gang would use electric prods against him and other prisoners. He reportedly saw at least seven other men restrained in a large area where he was held captive.

Li was unable to escape the gang because one of its members switched sides. He was admitted to a hospital 10 days ago. Despite having suffered multiple organ failures, he is now in stable condition.

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