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Man City’s Signing of Paqueta on Hold due to Betting Probe

An investigation by FIFA and the FA reportedly put the talks between Manchester City and West Ham for the signing of the 25-year-old soccer player on hold

While sports wagering continues to attract more players around the globe, fears about its impact on collegiate and professional sports remain. It’s no surprise that soccer, football and basketball attract millions of bettors on a daily basis. Now, a new report suggests that an ongoing betting investigation by soccer’s governing bodies may have impacted, at least temporarily, a multi-million-dollar transfer.

As reported by Sky Sports, the talks between Manchester City and West Ham for the signing of Lucas Paqueta are reportedly on hold for the moment. This halt, which is believed to be temporary, comes at a time when FIFA and the Football Association (FA) are conducting a betting investigation that allegedly includes the name of the famous soccer player.

The probe is reportedly looking into bets placed in Brazil for games Paqueta was booked. Due to this, the young soccer player may miss the World Cup qualifiers scheduled for next month.

The deal for Paqueta to become part of Man City has a price tag of £80 million ($101.8 million). Despite the advanced talks, reportedly that deal remains on hold until the FIFA and the FA’s investigation is resolved. While it cannot be definitively confirmed that the deal will still happen, the 25-year-old soccer player confirmed he is eager to collaborate with the soccer governing bodies for the investigation. Additionally, Paqueta said that he is shocked and rejected claims that he placed bets on himself.

Man City’s Deal for Paqueta Remains on Hold

Dharmesh Sheth, a sports reporter on the Transfer Show with Sky Sports revealed that it is believed that Paqueta’s deal for Man City is temporarily on hold but it is not off for the moment. He explained that the discussion about the transfer may continue if the aforementioned investigation is quickly resolved. Finally, Sheth explained: “We are told that Paqueta is focused completely on playing for West Ham.”

The deal is on hold, but it’s not off – and it could be resurrected if this issue is cleared up and cleared up quickly.

Dharmesh Sheth, sports reporter on the Transfer Show

On the other hand, West Ham previously tried to sign Mohammed Kudus, the famous Ajax midfielder. The team’s initial bid was rejected, but reportedly they still eye the option to sign the famous soccer player. That deal is said to be separate from Paqueta and the outcome of the investigation or the deal with Man City.


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