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Malta Gaming Authority Cancels Authorization for Betago

The strict action comes after uncovered breaches of the country's gambling regulations

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the gambling regulator in Malta, announced it has decided to cancel Betago Limited’s authorization. Although the announcement came Thursday, the Authority explained that it is in effect as of January 8, 2024. The latest decision comes after the MGA uncovered that the operator breached the established gambling regulations in the country. Before the cancellation of the authorization, last year, Betago’s license was suspended. This suspension effectively stopped the operator from offering its gambling services to players online.

Now, considering the latest decision, the operator has been directed to settle all outstanding fees due to the MGA. Betago was given seven days to comply with this demand, effective from the day its authorization was canceled. Not unexpectedly, the MGA also directed the operator to refund all money due to legitimate players, confirming that such actions are in accordance with Malta’s Gaming Act, Chapter 583.

The Malta Gaming Authority has decided to cancel the authorization awarded to Betago Limited, bearing reference numbers MGA/B2C/355/2016, effective as of 08 January 2024 in terms of regulation 10 (1) (a) with direct application of reg. 9 (1) (c), (d), (i), (l) and (m) and regulation 10 (1) (b) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations,

reads a statement released by the MGA

The Operator Needs to Remove Any Reference to the MGA

To verify that the operator complied with the aforementioned requirements, the MGA confirmed that a back-end report along with the relevant bank statements must be provided within a seven-day period. This otherwise will enable the gambling regulator to ensure Betago has issued refunds to all of its players who still had funds in their accounts.

Unsurprisingly, Betago can no longer feature any reference to the MGA via its website. The gambling watchdog said the operator needs to “remove, with immediate effect, any reference to the Authority and the authorizations in accordance with article 51 of the Act.”

The tough action against Betago comes after recently, the MGA confirmed it suspended Rush Gaming’s license. Upon announcing the suspension, the Authority confirmed the operator is eligible to appeal the decision under Article 43 of the country’s Gambling Act.

Suspending the authorization awarded to Rush Gaming is effective from January 9, 2024. Per the suspension, the operator can no longer offer online gambling services. Yet, Rush Gaming needs to ensure its registered users have access to their accounts and proceed with refunds of all money due.


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