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Major League Cricket Chooses Betway as the League’s Official Partner

The thrilling event will bring together the six leading US teams, giving fans of the sport 18 days of excitement

Betway’s support of the Major League Cricket (MLC)’s 2023 inaugural season represents significant opportunities for both organizations. The leading operator receives a prime opportunity to engage with fans, while the MLC gains access to extra funding and improved exposure thanks to Betway’s substantial client base. This collaboration promises to enhance the cricket experience and provide an exciting sports betting platform.

The Deal Sets the Stage for Further Collaboration

Betway, renowned for its global presence in the online gambling industry, is no stranger to sports partnerships. The company is proficient at establishing connections with events and teams worldwide, giving fans a new way to engage with their favorite sports. Partnering with MLC will allow the operator to access the growing US cricket audience, tapping into a previously underutilized market.

As an official partner of MLC, Betway will play a vital role in enhancing the cricket experience for fans. This collaboration aims to create an immersive and enjoyable experience appealing to hardcore fans and newcomers to the sport. Betway CEO Anthony Werkman was excited to power the league’s inaugural edition, capitalizing on this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Cricket is a globally renowned sport both we and our customers love, so we’re thrilled to be part of another new competition, which will aid the growth of the sport in the US and beyond.

Anthony Werkman, Betway CEO

According to the new partnership, the championship’s first edition will be called “Major League Cricket Powered by Betway.” The collaboration will involve various elements, including brand visibility during matches, exclusive promotions, and access to exciting cricket content. Betway ‘s expertise will be vital to maintaining viewer engagement, giving US cricket the successful launch it deserves.

Cricket Enjoys Enduring Global Success

MLC’s first season will unite six leading teams from across the country: Los Angeles Knight Riders, Texas Super Kings, MI New York, Seattle Orcas, San Francisco Unicorns, and Washington Freedom. The event will last from 13 July to 31 July, featuring 18 engaging matches to determine the USA’s best. Fans can watch the games live at Texas’ Grand Prairie Stadium or North Carolina’s Church Street Park.

Betway’s support for the league reflects cricket’s growing worldwide popularity, especially in regions like India. In 2022, the operator tested the waters by partnering with South Africa’s SA20 league, setting the stage for further investments in the sport. The International Cricket Council’s mellowing stance on gambling sponsorships significantly improves leagues’ options, bolstering the sport’s overall presence.

We are thrilled by Betway’s commitment to growing cricket in America, and we can’t wait for a memorable season to get underway.

Sameer Mehta, MLC co-founder

Betway’s commitment to US cricket marks an exciting development for fans and sports betting enthusiasts. The partnership leverages Betway’s extensive experience and MLC’s ambition to establish itself as a premier cricket league to deliver an exciting inaugural season, captivating audiences worldwide.


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