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Macau Recovery Slows as New COVID-19 Restriction Emerges

Macau felt that the worst was behind it when it seemed COVID-19 was no longer going to threaten the city. It began easing travel restrictions between the casino city and mainland China, hoping to see an influx of visitors. The numbers haven’t been where the city expected and might not be for some time to come. More COVID-19 issues in mainland China has forced the SAR to alter its travel policies once again.

COVID-19 Still a Threat to Macau

On Thursday, the Macau government increased its border restrictions with Zhuhai. Anyone entering Macau from mainland China must show a negative result of a test within the past 48 hours.

After a positive COVID-19 case was reported in Tanzhou in the city of Zhongshan, the new measure reduces the testing period from seven days. Zhongshan is located in the Guangdong province near Zhuhai, where many Macau residents and workers live. They commute every day from the city.

Tanzhou was immediately restraining to prevent anyone from leaving. Macau also implemented a 14-day quarantine on all travelers who arrived from Tanzhou.

The Macau Novel Coronavirus Coordination and Response Center reported that 2,898 people had been in Tanzhou within the past 14 days. Those people will now need to be self-managed for 14 days and undergo up to five virus tests. Eighteen people were found in the same area as the positive case was quarantined.

More Positive Cases Emerge

Two Macau residents, a 59-year-old Macau resident and a 45-year-old Chinese nonresident worker were also deemed close contacts in the case. They had both attended the same Tanzhou dinner party on 9 January before returning home to Macau.

On Thursday, the duo tested negative for COVID-19. The government has quarantined everyone who comes in contact with the duo, including the elderly and children because they work in Taipa’s nursery and nursing homes.

Zhuhai was quick to react on Thursday and closed all entertainment venues, including cinemas, hair salons, and gyms.

These actions were taken by the three cities because authorities could not determine how the positive case contracted COVID-19. Although the patient didn’t leave Guangdong Province for two weeks, he did visit Zhongshan as well as Zhuhai.

Due to the large number of activities offered in Zhongshan, health officials have warned that there is a high risk of transmission. All of the patients’ close contacts have tested negative.


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