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LVVWD’s Top Water Users List Is Topped by Casino Owners and Sports Executives

Kyle Roerink, exec director of Great Basin Water Network, believes that many people seem to not realize that they live in the Mojave Desert

The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) has once again published its Top 100 Residential Water Users list. Unsurprisingly, the top spots are occupied by many affluent people, some of whom happen to be related to the state’s flourishing casino industry.

The list seeks to provide insights into the amounts of water used by homeowners in one of the United States’ driest states. Much of the water goes to support the aforementioned homeowners’ lawns and pools.

The list is topped by Spanish Gate Holdings’ Spanish Gate Drive property. Currently on sale for $25 million, the luxurious home sprawls 16 acres and boasts some three pools. The second entry on the list is Miriam Adelson, the widow of the late Las Vegas Sands CEO and chairman, Sheldon Adelson.

Lorenzo J. Fertitta occupies the not-so-prestigious third spot. The former UFC CEO is not the only fighting sports-related name on the list either, as the famous boxing star Floyd Mayweather took the number 37 spot and Dana White, the current CEO of the UFC, took the 6th spot.

Fertitta is not the only name with ties to the gambling industry either. The billionaire is currently serving as the director of Red Rock Resorts, with his family operating the Station Casinos brand. Lorenzo is also not the only member of the Fertitta family to appear on the list as Victoria Fertitta, daughter of Frank Fertitta, took the 57th spot on LVVWD’s list.

Another gambling industry notable to pop up on the Top 100 Residential Water Users list is Phil Ruffin, owner of Circus Circus and Treasure Island. He occupies the 59th spot on the list.

Charities Believe Rich People Don’t Care

According to Kyle Roerink, exec director of Great Basin Water Network, many people in Nevada seem to not realize that they live in the Mojave Desert. In an interview with 8 News Now, the director of the water conservation charity slammed affluent people for not caring about the state’s dwindling water supplies.

In any case, Las Vegas continues to recycle as much water as possible. However, millions of gallons continue to be lost maintaining the greenery of affluent persons’ mansions.

The publishing of the Top 100 Residential Water Users list comes just as Nevada, Arizona and California negotiated a plan to reduce water usage and save the Colorado River.


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