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Luckywins is Warned by Gibraltar Regulator Over Suspicious Activities

The Gibraltar Gaming Division issued a warning to casino over claims of suspicious activities involving large bogus bonus offers from the operator which players have flagged.

Issues Over Logo Usage and False License Number

In order for online casinos to legally provide gambling services to people, they need to possess a license by either domestic or an international regulator. In the case of Luckywins, the Gibraltar Gaming Division reported that the casino wrongly used the logo of the government of Gibraltar and even placed a false license number from GB on its footer.

The Gaming Division stated that the information is completely false and misleading. To make things even worse, the casino encouraged its players to upload documents that confirmed their identity to a totally different website.

As the investigation pointed out, the contact’s address which was provided on that site is located in La Linea, Spain. This is a major issue as the actions of Luckywins could lead to major security breaches, especially identity theft.

Casino Games Supplier Information Also False?

Luckywins’ games were provided by several B2B suppliers, many of which are reputable brands, but considering the fact that the operator provided false information on its license and offered large and likely fake bonuses, there is suspicion that the list of providers may also be misleading.

In its report, the Gaming Division stated that the operator is using stolen IP codes, as well as “illegally cloning game content.”

At the moment, the inquiries are continuing and Andrew Lyman, a gambling commissioner, stated that illegal operators may try to lie about their license and state that their operations are backed by Gibraltar as a way to gain credibility.

That is why Lyman encouraged consumers to avoid providing any sensitive information to sites where they have doubts about their licensed status. He also reminded everyone that the aim of these illegal sites is to provide consumers with a false sense of security and noted that the operators that are licensed by Gibraltar can be checked on the official government website.

Gibraltar Collected Millions Over AML Failings in 2020

The government of Gibraltar has been pretty strict in its efforts to crack down on operators that do not comply with its standards. Back in 2020, Gibraltar Gambling Care Foundation collected around £2.5 million ($3.3 million) from seven B2C operators because they failed to meet AML compliances.

Apart from the fact that the operators had to pay off the mentioned sum, they were also required to make changes to their compliance mechanisms. The Gibraltar Gaming Division chose not to list the names of the operators that were involved in the case, but they underwent massive scrutiny.

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