December 20, 2022 3 min read

Lucky Winner Steals $175K Jackpot in White Elephant Exchange

One lucky officer manager and treatment coordinator managed to “steal” a bag of $25-worth of scratch-off tickets only to realize that she had won a $175,000 jackpot.

Workers across the nation have got a little fed up with Secret Santas and traditional gift exchanges. If anything, those lack oomph. But one Lori Janes did not know how good she had it until the film came off from a scratch ticket for her to behold a massive payday, although it took a few tries at first.

White Elephant Exchange with Surprising Twist

Speaking to the Kentucky Lottery Commission, Janes described the white elephant exchange and how she came to possess the tickets. Once she had them, they were hers to keep, she told the commission, and immediately scratched one off to win $50. But then came the $10 “Hit the Jackpot” ticket where the action was at.

When Janes was done scratching off the ticket, realization dawned that she had just won the maximum possible prize with everyone “going insane” as she put it. People were calculating the prize she had just won, Janes recounted, and some made sure to scan the ticket in their lottery apps to see if the win was real.

While $175,000 is not a neglect amount, Janes did not have the opportunity to opt for anonymous as Kentucky makes every lottery winner known under state law. But what are the odds of her actually winning? Well, a quick odds calculation tells you that to win the $10 Hit the Jackpot prize, you have about one in 1,080,000 chances.

While the price is quite hefty, Janes could not collect the full $175,000 amount. Rather, federal and state taxes had to be applied, bringing the total down to $124,250 instead. The tickets were sold at Fisherville in Louisville.

Janes Wins More from Scratcher Than in a Year

The convenience store will also get a little something for the holiday season, as shops are paid a small commission as a reward, or in this case $1,750. But this is not all – as a second ticket is still out there to be claimed. There are two maximum prize tickets to claim, with one already gone with Janes, and another one remaining to be claimed.

While the chances of the second one being claimed during a white elephant exchange, it would certainly be fun. Then again, lottery tickets in the United States end up unclaimed on many occasions. Janes though is not on the prowl for the second ticket, as the $175,000 payout is higher than her entire annual salary and is a Christmas miracle in its own right.


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