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Lucky Gambler Hits Jackpot ($4m) Twice in 18 Months

Rolf Rhodes won $4,000,000 after playing an instant Jackpot scratch-off game. The win comes only 18 months after Rhodes won a million in another jackpot game.

Rolf Rhodes Wins a Million-dollar Jackpot Again, 18 Months after Winning Another One

They say opportunity knocks once in a lifetime but for Rolf Rhodes, it knocked for the second time in only 18 months. The gambler from Mendon Massachusetts won his second massive jackpot in less than 2 years after landing a jaw-dropping $4,000,000. According to the lottery,  Rhodes beat odds of 1 in 1.68 million to claim the top prize.

Rhodes won his first hefty jackpot in May 2018 after playing Hit $1,000. The total amount was $1 million but the most interesting part is that the store he bought his earlier win from (Milford, Mass) is only 3 miles away from where he bought his latest winning ticket.

For the earlier win, Rhodes decided to take the amount in a lump sum – that’s about $650,000 after all deductions including taxes. This time, however, the lucky winner decided to take the payment in installments of $50,000 per year for 20 years.

Such massive and unexpected wins are always considered “dangerous” by financial experts saying that a huge amount of money can lead you into a spending spree without investing. One such expert is Jim Shagawat.

According to him, many lottery winners think that money will alleviate their suffering. However, the situation turns out to be quite the contrary, saying that, “… it can cause friction with family and friends.”

On his part, New York-based lawyer, Jason Kurland said that the people that decide to take on financial planning by themselves right after winning such big amounts make the biggest mistake. According to him, they expose themselves to multiple elements thereby becoming, “an easy target for people, whether it’s a bogus charity coming to you or someone with an investment that’s a (supposed) no-lose situation.”

Other Notable Jackpot Winners

Rhodes isn’t only one riding on a load of cash. Just recently, a gambler playing Wheel of Fortune Triple Hot 7 machine at a Las Vegas casino struck gold after winning $492,763.64. According to gaming representatives, the jackpot winner placed $1.25 as the stake to claim the jackpot.

Another Hawaiian resident banked a staggering $931,640 on Monday, October 7, 2019, after testing out a new slot machine. In a press release, the player first thought the prize amount totaled $9,000 only to realize later that the actual amount was 100 times her thoughts. The new slot machine in question was Aristocrat’s Madonna™.

According to Boyd gaming, that was the second person that almost hit a million-dollar jackpot at their properties in a month. The recent one was a $935,000 jackpot won at Aliante Casino.


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