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LSports Hires Javier Laczo to Boost LatAm and Iberia Presence

Javier Manceñido Laczo, a professional with more than 20 years of experience within the gaming industry is now a part of LSports, the leading provider of high-quality live sports data feeds. The appointment comes at a time when the company is continuously growing its presence in the LatAm and Iberia regions.

LSports Appoints Javier Laczo Senior Sales and Business Development Manager

Leading provider of high-quality live sports data feeds, LSports has announced that it hired the services of Javier Manceñido Laczo. In his new position as a senior sales and business development manager, Laczo is going to help the company within the Latin America and Iberia regions.

As an expert for the LatAm and Iberia region, Laczo has taken management positions within the gaming and betting sector for more than 20 years. Before joining LSports, he was employed Optima Gaming, where he worked for more than 3 years as a vice president of sales. Furthermore, before that, for nearly 3 years Laczo was employed by Genius Sports, where he served as a commercial partnerships manager.

His professional portfolio also includes Spin Entertainment, where he served as a commercial executive. Back in 2013 through 2015, Laczo was employed by Sportradar as a sales director for Latin America. With commitment, attention to detail, and significant experience within the industry he is undoubtedly going to help LSports solidify its presence in the region.

Laczo to Help LSports within the LatAm and Iberia Regions

Sharing his excitement about the new position, Laczo stressed that there is a difference between the economies, cultures, and relationships of Iberia and LatAm. Furthermore, he acknowledged that it is “not possible to offer the same product or deal to every customer“. According to Laczo, each product needs to be “defined by market analysis” while at the same time the operator’s needs and strategies must be met with the help of a custom solution.

I think LSports’ understanding of these markets is extremely important.

Dotan Lazar, LSports CEO and co-founder

LSports’ CEO and co-founder, Dotan Lazar also shared his excitement. He said that understanding the LatAm and Iberian market is important for LSports. Furthermore, Lazar did not miss saying that the company has seen “tremendous growth” in the last years and would want to continue in the same direction. Last but not least, Lazar acknowledged that Laczo’s fluent Spanish, English, and Portuguese will undoubtedly help the company better understand the market.

Recently, LSports entered into a strategic partnership with the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) and UltiX Technology in April. With the strategic agreement, the company plans to distribute data while further enhancing its presence in the North American region.


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