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Low6 Teams with for a Clubhouse Project

Sports technology developer Low6 announced a new collaborative project with cryptocurrency-based online betting platform The three-phase commercial partnership will begin with establishing a dedicated clubhouse for the upcoming World Cup, powered by Low6’s technology.

The Partnership Will Benefit Franchises, Fans, and Brands

The Clubhouse project will initially focus on the FIFA World Cup 2022, though the next phase of the partnership will gradually expand across additional sports and leagues like NBA, MLB, NFL, horse racing, and more.

One of the main goals of the Sportsbet Clubhouse will be to introduce players to Low6’s long-standing sports franchise gamification efforts. The company aims to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between franchises, fans, and brands, focusing on cohesive and meaningful interactions.

In the end, you get the franchise winning, the fans winning, and then the brands which also win from the interaction with that gaming tool.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO

In addition to the free-to-play gamification incentives, Low6 will boost engagement via compelling content, chat, rewards, and sports personalization. The clubhouse will be a cost-effective way to increase’s value and attract new clients. Focuses on Improving Engagement

Joe McCallum, director of sportsbook at YOLO Group, the entity behind the brand, lauded Low6’s deep understanding of positive fan interactions and pledged to offer users a world-class experience. has always been about putting the customer at the center of the universe, and that’s why Low6 is such a perfect match for our brand.

Joe McCallum, YOLO Group director of sportsbook

McCallum expressed confidence that partnering with such an innovative company would boost’s efforts to remain one of the best betting platforms in the gambling industry. Through the new social clubhouse, the operator will be able to unite its loyal fans and attract new customers, allowing users to freely interact and discover new ways to engage with their favorite sports and games.

Low6 Continues North American Expansion

Low6 CEO Jamie Mitchell praised for being one of the few operators looking for something more than a purely profit-driven approach to gamification and iGaming.

Sportsbet are truly leading the way in the sportsbook space with their online proposition, and when we add their expertise to Low6’s…, we truly will provide a next-level engagement platform for their ever-growing community.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO

According to Mitchell, Low6’s industry-leading technology and thorough understanding of modern audiences would be a substantial boon to its partners. 

Collaborating with Sportsbet is another part of the company’s North America expansion efforts. The recent deal with SCCG Management allowed the sports tech developer to deploy its sports betting technology with betting operators across the region. Low6 has shown stable financial results and continues to grow its partnerships with sports leagues and organizations.

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