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Low6 Pivots Toward B2B White Label Solutions

Low6, a provider of innovative twists on sports gaming options and a creator of fan-driven experiences, is making a shift toward the B2B sector with a new dedicated white-label platform. The award-winning company has revealed that it will now introduce free-to-play gamification technology to various sports betting, gaming, and sports entities as part of its full turnkey B2B pivot.

Low6 Adopts B2B White Label Strategy

Low6 will be adding more partners to its platform as it continues to expand across the North American and Asia Pacific markets, the company announced in a press release. European operator TOTO and Jacks are already onboarded, the statement added. Low6 CEO and co-founder Jamie Mitchell had this to add:

“With the Low6 gamification platform we’re on a mission to ensure that our partners know the millions of social media fans they engage with – their name, email, address, phone and favorite player, and have actionable data to convert and retain their followers. At Low6 we have a simple saying – 1st party data is a party you don’t want to miss, and that’s what we look to deliver for our partners.”

Low6 CEO and co-founder Jamie Mitchell

Low6 develops unique games that are predicated on consumer preferences and taste with special input from the UFC, PGA Tour, Points Beat, Uber Eats, and other technological, media, and gaming leaders. All of the products provided by Low6 are created with the goal of engaging sports fans and eliciting a strong response from them. Customer acquisition and retention are the main pivots of Low6.

Low6 Provides a Number of Dedicated Free Games

Low6’s technology platform and dedicated games have won a reputation as highly-engaging solutions. As a result, they will be featured in the white label solution developed by the company and shared with sports media companies, professional leagues, teams, and more.

As part of the offer, Low6 has to offer Fantasy, Picks, Bracket, and Trivia games, capable of appealing to all customer preferences. Driven by a community-first approach, Low6 is expected to extend dwell times for partners and deliver on a great customer acquisition cost.

Data collection tools further boost the company’s ability to tailor each product based on the specific preferences of the audiences it’s catering to.


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