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Lotto.com Player Wins $629K Biggest Jackpot in New Jersey

Lotto.com has announced the biggest single-lottery ticket winner in the state of New Jersey to date, with a lucky-someone bagging more than $600K payday

The unnamed person won $625,000 off a scratch lottery game in New Jersey, playing on Jersey Cash 5. This is the biggest win to have been registered in the Garden State by a person who purchased their ticket on Lotto.com.

This is still a far cry from one of the largest jackpots ever won on the platform, a $3-million payday on MONOPOLY 500X in Colorado, but still a sizeable win.

State’s Biggest Lotto.com Payout Drops

The platform is an independent digital vendor of lottery tickets and scratch-off games and has often made it possible for players in otherwise far-flung places to participate in lottery draws as if they were visiting and buying their tickets directly from convenience stores.

Lotto.com is praised for its quick turnaround delivering tickets to customer doorsteps, especially in the case of big wins. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, said that they had been with the Lotto.com platform for a year and a half, and had started buying their lottery tickets using the app following a tip by a friend.

Yet, the payout was a surprise and came rather unexpectedly, but the person who won already had plans about what would come next. Part of the amount will be set aside to fund future lottery play, and the rest will be spent on personal purchases.

Lotto.com CEO Thomas Metzger welcomed the opportunity to see the person win and on Jersey Cash 5 of all games. Metzger added:

“We’re thrilled that this winner marks the biggest win to date on Lotto.com in our company’s home state of New Jersey, and the exciting back-to-back wins of two Jersey Cash 5 jackpot ticket holders in just two months. We look forward to continuing to build momentum with our customers in New Jersey and beyond.”

Lotto Is Big in New Jersey

Lotto.com has definitely been making waves in New Jersey, with the platform already paying out more than $8 million in various prizes to local players. There have been as many as 540,000 winnings tickets sold in the Garden State alone. Lotto.com is also tied to the state because it chose New Jersey as the base of its technological hub and has already created 80 tech-related jobs locally.

Lotto.com is pushing well above the one-million customer mark, as the company has quickly become one of the most popular online vendors for ticket sales.


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