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Lottery Winner of £4M Hides Jackpot from Family, Fiancée

Due to long-standing family conflicts, the man, who wasn't told anyone, including his family, plans to reveal the secret to his fiancée

A jackpot win can change a person’s life, including the lives of their family. While many dream of holding a million-dollar check while appearing on TV to celebrate their win, not everyone wants to show off their hefty fortune. This is precisely the case for a man who won a whopping £4 million ($5.1 million) lottery jackpot but hasn’t told anyone he knows, including his closest family members and friends.

The case undoubtedly raises eyebrows as the man, whose name or age was not disclosed, collected a win of nearly £4 million ($5.1 million) but kept living as if nothing happened. The person scooped up a jackpot from the National Lottery in the UK but chose to remain anonymous, the Sun reveals in a recent report. The lucky lottery player hit the jackpot five years ago, yet, to this day, a handful of people are aware of his fortune.

After winning the multi-million-pound jackpot, the man stayed quiet, hired the services of an accountant and even kept his regular job. Revealing that he collected a sum that was nearly £4 million ($5.1 million), the lucky lottery player decided to put most of that into savings. The man used some of the money to fix his car and not unexpectedly, settled all of his debts.

Winners Can opt to Remain Anonymous

According to Andy Carter, a senior winners’ advisor with Allwyn UK, people who win the lottery can remain completely anonymous. He revealed that it’s their decision to either go public or stay anonymous, adding that in case they do not want to share the news of their win, a handful of Lottery employees are aware of who the person behind the prize is.

It’s entirely the winner’s decision if they want to share news of their win.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at Allwyn UK

Carter revealed that some of the winners who opted to remain anonymous often keep in touch with the Lottery as “they like to talk to someone or just let us know what they have been up to.” He spoke about the National Lottery’s aftercare program, designed specifically for winners, granting them access to financial and legal advice.

The Lotto Millionaire Plans to Tell His Fiancée

Everyone might wonder why someone would decide to remain anonymous when winning a multi-million-dollar lottery prize. In this particular case, the man revealed that he has been fighting with his family a lot, which is one reason why he wanted to keep his “f***ing mouth shut.”

He spoke about the many issues he has had with his family, revealing that his brother has issues with drugs while deeming his sister a “spiteful w***e.” While the man’s father passed away about a decade ago, the lottery millionaire said that his mother continues to blame all of the family misfortune on his dad.

Besides not telling his family, the lottery millionaire also did not tell his fiancée. He admitted that he has been together with the girl for about three years and even recently got engaged. Instead of buying a fancy ring that was incredibly expensive, the man opted to buy a “modest ring, just over what people would expect given my known employment.”

Acknowledging that the woman next to him loves him for what he really is, the man now plans to tell her about the massive lottery win. Finally, the man admitted that he expects to feel liberated once he is able to tell his fiancée, which is the person that is closest to him.


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