June 24, 2022 3 min read


Lottery Company ZEAL Brings Mindway AI to Keep Customers Safe

ZEAL Network SE, a provider of online lottery games, has taken a determined step to ensure that its consumers are always protected by teaming up with Mindway AI. As the latter’s name suggests, Mindway AI is using capable and powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze a range of consumer data and ensure that consumers stay away from harm’s way.

ZEAL Goes on the Offensive in Protecting Customers

Particularly, Mindway AI works with online casinos and sportsbooks that want to help players not inflict gambling-related pain. In the case of ZEAL, the decision has more to do with the company’s efforts to make sure that no option is unchecked.

As a result, ZEAL can use powerful algorithms along with the dedicated GameScanner feature to make sure that it understands consumer behavior. The algorithm will create individual profiles for each player and observe important trends, such as how much each player tends to spend when they play, and whether their sessions stretch for hours on end.

Mindway AI’s software is capable of producing millions of micro-insights in real-time, serving as a true bastion against gambling-related harm. The system is clever enough to detect players who may be experiencing early symptoms of gambling addiction or who are at risk of developing the condition.

This helps operators to act quickly and preventively, and thus guarantees a sustainable and safe gambling environment. Self-regulation plays an important part in ensuring that a company stays on the good side of industry regulation.

This is why ZEAL, which operates in a vertical where the chance of developing problem gambling is the lowest, has chosen to bring Mindway AI’s tools in. ZEAL CEO Helmut Becker said that the company and he were happy to have been among the first to leverage Mindway AI’s solutions in the online lottery segment.

The Company Targets Younger Generations

GameScanner has a huge role to play in ensuring that consumers are safe. Generally speaking, the lottery appeals to older generations. A shift towards more lottery-style games is only now underway and as Millenials and Gen Z join in, having a platform that can anticipate sudden demand and sticks to the best possible responsible gambling practices is an asset.

A similarly positive response came from MindwayAI CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard who thanked ZEAL and its team for the trust they placed in his company and the GameScanner tool. By forming this alliance, Kjaegaard argued that the companies can truly address the issue of problem gambling and help tackle it.


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