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Los Angeles Clippers Meet LA Lakers on Oct. 22

The Los Angeles Clippers will meet the LA Lakers in the opening game for the 2019/2020 NBA Season on October 22. Playing on a home court, the teams will have their first chance to set a rhythm for their game for the rest of the Western Conference playthrough. Here are the game details:

  • Time: 10:30 PM ET
  • Venue: Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • Live Stream: TNT
  • Odds: LA Lakers (-145) vs LA Clippers (+125)

LA Lakers Strong with Lebron James and Davis

The LA Lakers are coming strong into the season and some have suggested that the Golden State Warriors won’t have smooth sailing with so much talent concentrated in the Lakers’ quarter and the West Conference as a whole.

Kawhi Leonard who considered going to the Lakers briefly, but finally found his new home with the Clippers, is one of the stars that could prove too much for anyone playing against the Clippers. And all of that while many analysts thought he belonged with the Lakers the first place.

The Lakers’ line-up is reinforced by Lebron James and Anthony Davis who couldn’t pull the team past the Conference stage last season but did well nevertheless. Commenting on the Lakers’ performance in the 2018/2019 NBA Season, Lebron said that it was a decision, and ‘all part of the plan’.

The team has already bested the GSW in two games in the Preseason but losing their most recent one. Lakers have shown a strong game in the Preseason and Lebron is happy with Davis, saying that their partnership has come at the right time.

One potential spanner in the works for the Lakers might be the absence of Kyle Kuzma, who won’t be able to play in the opener game due to a foot injury. The Lakers are overall far more confident than the Clippers, but this might prove a treacherous miscalculation, as their opponents seem equally excited to get into the action.

Can the Laker Underestimate the Clippers?

In all honesty, media hype has focused exclusively on the Lakers. Yet, the Clippers are debuting Lou Williams in the guard position, which might give a slight advantage to the Clippers. The reason? Williams used to play for the Lakers and having been part of the team, he knows the inner workings.

With the West Conference focusing on a lot of Los Angeles teams, he may be one of the most vital players in the regular season. After all, there are 82 regular games to go through first.

The Clippers will also be fielding their other superstar, Paul George who complements Leonard in every possible way. Yet, George will be out for the opening game, as he will spend the better part of November recovering from surgeries on both his shoulders.

Yet, Williams will have the opportunity to pair with Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell who are both considered to be part of the backbone of the clippers. The Clippers are widely speculated about and that speculation has to do with their chances of securing the title this year.

Yet, Williams likes to keep a cool head about it: ‘It’s exciting for the fans. For us, it’s just another game. Obviously, the hype is building up and it’s all of this hoopla about this game, but it’s just opening night for both teams

Williams is right – everyone is stoked to see what happens on Tuesday, October 22.


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