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Libing Wu Leaves Allied Esports, Lyle Berman Is New Interim CEO

Allied Esports Entertainment announced the resignation of its chief executive officer, Libing Wu, on Friday, February 18. Allied followed that with the appointment of Lyle Berman as the interim CEO with immediate effect. As a result, Berman relinquished his role as director.

Berman Has Several Years of Working Experience at Allied Esports

Berman’s appointment doesn’t come out of the blue. In fact, he has been working as the company’s director since May 2017. Considering the fact that a slot was opened with Berman’s appointment as the new interim CEO of the company, Allied decided to put Yinghua Chen as the new president and secretary of the board.

Before being appointed as the new president, Chen worked as the chief investment officer. According to Allied Esports, with her new appointment, Chen will have a more active role in the operational management and M&A activities.

Berman thanked Wu for her contributions and stated that in the past couple of months, the company has made massive progress in its objective to invest its cash and acquire or merge with other businesses. He noted that Wu played a crucial role in this effort and wished her the best in her future endeavors.

As for his new position, Berman stated that he is looking forward to working as the interim CEO of Allied Esports and that he will be working closely with Chen in the company’s M&A activities and finding the best opportunities. In doing so, he states that he will maximize the shareholders’ value.

Apart from Berman and Chen, Yushi Guo has been appointed as the new Class C director of Allied Esports after Jerry Lewin resigned on Friday. Guo is the founder and CEO of PanoSoar Management Technology Co., Ltd and has plenty of experience in entrepreneurship, board advisory, and consulting.

At the moment, Guo works as Ourgame International Holdings Limited’s independent non-executive director.

Allied Esports Reached a Lot of New Fans in 2021

As a company that was featured in the 2019 most innovative companies list by Fast Company and was acknowledged at the Tempest Esports Business Awards as the 2018 venue of the year, Allied Esports has been making a lot of fuss and has been adamant about progressing and expanding.

In 2021, the company revealed that its 24-hour Twitch stream has reached 13.4 million views and 7.6 million unique views. The 24-hour programming proved to be a massive hit as it includes many highlights from some of the world’s most popular tournaments such as VALORANT, Fortnite, and Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Back then, the company’s CEO, Jud Hannigan, stated that the esports market is growing at a fast rate and Allied remains committed to delivering the best experience to fans across many digital platforms. He also added that thanks to the high-quality content, Allied has the ability to reach a new audience rapidly.

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