LeoVegas.news Teams Up with AS Roma to Boost Sports Experience

Sports experience is evolving around the world, and the latest partnership between LeoVegas.news and AS Roma is a continuation of this evolution.

LeoVegas.news to Add New Experiences for AS Roma Fans 

AS Roma and LeoVegas have struck a deal with LeoVegas.news, the infotainment arm of the popular casino and betting brand, becoming an official partner to the Italian soccer powerhouse. 

As a result, AS Roma soccer fans will be able to find all news surrounding the team’s products in a single place, along with reports on the latest game results and highlights that may be of interest to sports bettors. 

LeoVegas.news will get its logo signed into Stadio Olimpico, AS Roma’s home stadium, and thus increase brand awareness. Similarly, LeoVegas.news will further have access to AS Roma digital content as well, all in the pursuit of an exclusive entertainment experience for soccer fans, as per LeoVegas.news head of marketing Adele Incerti

Incerti has welcomed the new partnership as an opportunity for LeoVegas.news to seek a deeper connection with sports fans but also a chance to work with one of the biggest Italian soccer clubs. 

Advertisement Ban No Reason to Stop Creating Value 

Gaining the public’s trust is something that LeoVegas.news is firmly focused on, and the brand’s platform allows it to achieve just that. Since Italy decided to enforce a blanket ban on all gambling advertisements, brands have been forced to suspend their partnerships promoting gambling with sports teams.

However, innovators such as LeoVegas have found out new ways to establish a good brand name while achieving full compliance with the Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM)’s new statures. 

Effectively, LeoVegas.news is creating value for sports fans and allows AS Roma fans to engage with a meaningful platform that keeps them informed on anything sports-related without incentivizing them to gamble. 

LeoVegas’ platform is also an example of how traditional sports betting firms can adapt to different market needs to create a worthwhile product that adds value for stakeholders without relying on aggressive marketing strategies.

With a pending review of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom and well across Europe, LeoVegas remains committed to upholding regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. 

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