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La Royale Gaming Investments Appoints Boniface Vaneecloo as Head of Sports Betting

Vaneecloo teased that his new team has “some ground-breaking things in store” and that he cannot wait to see what impact they will have

La Royale Gaming Investments has reinforced its leadership with a major new appointment. The holding company announced that it has welcomed the industry veteran Boniface Vaneecloo as its head of sports betting.

The new appointee boasts some 17 years of experience in the gambling and sports betting industries and has served in a variety of leadership positions. His track record includes both trading and operational roles at companies such as Betclic, Genius Sports and Groupe Zeturf.

In his new position, Vaneecloo will leverage his expertise to develop and implement trading strategies for La Royale Gaming Investments. He will also be tasked with overseeing strategic partnerships and business development and collaborating with key stakeholders. Through these collaborations, Vaneecloo will seek to foster strategic partnerships and drive business development initiatives.

The new hire will seek to expand La Royale Gaming Investments’ market presence, helping it cement its position as a leading holding company that brings together a unique ecosystem of innovative online and offline gaming companies.

Vaneecloo: La Royale Has Ground-Breaking Things in Store

La Royale Gaming Investments’ new head of sports betting commented on his new position, expressing his excitement about the opportunity to work for the company. He said that he is thrilled to be joining La Royale and is looking forward to leading its sports betting projects.

My experience is incredibly varied, giving me a deep understanding of the sports betting market and I look forward to sharing this with La Royale and helping drive growth over the coming months and years.

Boniface Vaneecloo, head of sports betting, La Royale Gaming Investments

Vaneecloo teased that his new team has “some ground-breaking things in store” and that he cannot wait to see what impact they will have,

La Royale Gaming Investments’ chief executive officer, Dee Maher, commented on the matter, praising Boniface as an “incredible hire.” He lauded the new head of sports betting’s profound experience and said that his knowledge of the wagering sector is “unrivaled.”

According to Maher, this new appointment will provide La Royale with a “significant edge” over its competitors.

We have bold plans to enhance our presence in the sports betting sector and I can’t think of a better person to spearhead those efforts as Head of Sports Betting than Boniface.

Dee Maher, CEO, La Royale Gaming Investments

Maher concluded that he is looking forward to working closely with Vaneecloo.


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