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Lawsuit Claims Sexual Assault by James Dolan and Harvey Weinstein

The lawsuit was filed by a victim who claims she was sexually assaulted and was subject to trafficking a decade ago

A newly filed lawsuit alleges James Dolan, the owner of Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks and New York Rangers, sexually assaulted a young woman a decade ago. Allegations against Dolan claim he also trafficked the victim to Harvey Weinstein, the film producer who was sentenced a few years ago over sexual assault and rape.

The legal claim was filed with the federal district court in Los Angeles on Tuesday by Kellye Croft. Listed as defendants are Dolan, Weinstein, along with companies related to the famous band, The Eagles, and JD & The Straight Shot. Besides sexual assault accusations against Dolan, the lawsuit claims the woman was sexually assaulted by Weinstein.

Croft alleges that while Dolan was aware of Weinstein’s act, he did not offer to report it to the police or help her. In her lawsuit, the plaintiff pursues a trial by jury and seeks unspecified compensation from Dolan along with the companies named as defendants.

Sexual Assault Allegations against Dolan Date Back to 2013

In the recently filed legal claim, an incident is described that dates back to late 2013. At the time, Croft was 27 years old and was working as a licensed massage therapist on a tour for The Eagles. JD & The Straight Shot, Dolan’s brand, was opening for The Eagles. Dolan, who was 58 years old at the time, allegedly forced Croft into having sex with him. This happened right after she was giving Dolan a massage.

Allegedly, Dolan pulled Croft toward him despite her disagreeing with those actions. Although Croft protested, Dolan saw this as “a challenge or a game,” the lawsuit claims. He then allegedly pushed Croft onto a couch and forced her hands between his knees. At the time of the incident, Dolan was more than 30 years older than Croft and although she did not want to have sex with him, “she felt obligated to submit.” The legal claim alleges other encounters of Dolan forcing Croft into sex without her consent.

E. Danya Perry, Dolan’s lawyer, cited by Deadline, rejected the accusations against her client. “There is absolutely no merit to any of the allegations against Mr. Dolan,” explained Perry. Additionally, she noted: “Kellye Croft and James Dolan had a friendship.”

Weinstein Allegedly Sexually Assaulted the Victim

Besides Dolan, as noted, the lawsuit alleges Weinstein also sexually assaulted Croft. Describing the incident, the lawsuit claims it dates back to early 2014 when Dolan, Croft and Weinstein traveled to Los Angeles with the tour. Per the legal claim, Weinstein was presented to Croft as one of Dolan’s friends.

Weinstein allegedly offered the victim a lucrative job opportunity which he wanted to discuss in his hotel room with her. Croft claims he told her: “We always need massage therapists on set for actors and actresses.” This sounded to the victim like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which is why she agreed to discuss it further.

Once in Weinstein’s hotel room, Croft was allegedly asked to try on different clothes in front of him. When she declined that request, he wanted her to give him a massage and appeared wearing “a loosely tied bathrobe,” with nothing underneath it, the legal document claims.

The whole situation made Croft feel uncomfortable and she asked to leave Weinstein’s hotel room. Returning to her own room, she was chased down the hallway by Weinstein who then allegedly barged into her room and sexually assaulted her, according to the lawsuit. Once Croft shared this with Dolan, he did not appear to be surprised nor offered to report the incident to the police or help her in a way. Allegedly, Dolan responded that Weinstein “has problems.”


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