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Las Vegas’ Wedding Queen of the West Passes Away at 89

According to the venue’s statement, Richards passed away on December 13

Charolette Richards, the founder of Las Vegas’s most popular wedding venue, has passed away at 89. The passing was announced by A Little White Wedding Chapel, the wedding factory she founded.

The chapel was established in 1951 and was created to provide couples with an affordable wedding in a beautiful location. Prioritizing simplicity, the venue quickly became popular and has wedded over 800,000 couples.

The chapel is also the place where a number of celebrities shared their wedding vows. This notably includes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon and Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, among many others.

The chapel also had a drive-thru called the Tunnel of Love which was created by Richards after a client failed to fit their wheelchair through the front door of A Little White Wedding Chapel. Following Richards’ retirement, the chapel renamed the Tunnel of Love to Charolette’s Way.

According to the venue’s statement, Richards passed away on December 13.

Richards Made almost a Million Couples Happy

Richards arrived in Vegas in the 50s, seeking to meet her husband who had told her he was working at the Stardust. However, this turned out to be a lie.

Richards began working at the chapel in the 50s, turning it into an affordable wedding venue for couples in love. She was offered this job by a concerned stranger who had seen her looking for her husband every day. This saved Richards from poverty and eventually turned her into the famed Wedding Queen of the West.

Last year, the Wedding Queen of the West finally stepped down, selling the chapel to Cliff Evarts in 2022. Evarts is another wedding specialist who runs downtown wedding chapels Viva Las Vegas and Vegas Weddings.

Brian Mills, president of the Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce commented on Richards’ passing, praising her for innovating Las Vegas’ wedding sector and providing happiness to almost a million couples.

Charlotte’s legacy extends beyond innovation; sometimes controversial, but always positive, Charlotte Richards created unforgettable experiences for countless couples. As we honor her life, we are inspired by her commitment to love and joy in the wedding industry.

Bruce Mills, president, Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce

Mills concluded that Richards’s legacy will serve as an inspiration to the entire wedding sector for years to come.


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