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Las Vegas 11th Worst City for Hotel Services

Touted for its tourism industry and as a global hub for relaxation, Las Vegas has a long way to go before the reality of its hospitality services catch up to its overall reputation

Sin City has been named the 11th worst city in the United States when it comes to the level of its hotel services. The survey, conducted by Planetware.com with the help of 7.8 million TripAdvisor reviews, aims to give a very rough outline of which cities have to improve.

Las Vegas Needs to Up Its Game in Hotel Service

Although many other entrants are worse off, fewer have so much riding on their tourism as does Las Vegas. Essentially, the survey used all 7.8 million responses to gauge public perception and personal experience with 9,000 hotel properties in as many as 95 cities in the United States.

A total of 800,000 bad reviews were analyzed in the process, with the survey designating a bad review as any review that had one or two stars only out of TripAdvisor’s five-star rating system. Las Vegas currently employs 300,000 people who are working in hospitality and who may need to step up their efforts in order to keep guests happy.

Planetware then went on to explain that the negative reviews were mostly to do with rude staff, which is not to say that all staff is rude, but that a guest’s opinion of a property has been formed on the basis of a single interaction. Front desk workers, such as those at reception, could have a big impact on how guests assess their experience with a property.

The good news is that the type of criticisms that disappointed guests had to leave go beyond their interaction – which means that they can be fixed through systematic changes. For example, guests have been complaining about cigarette odor, giving credence to an ongoing debate that smoking is generally undermining business in the hospitality sector.

Other common complaints were made about lack of toilet paper, thin walls, which made it easier to hear your next-door neighbors, and bed bugs. Poor service only came fifth on the list of annoyances that guests shared across the nation.

There Are Worst Places to Talk About Still

On the plus side, Las Vegas is not the worst city on this list. Cities with the worst overall service tend to be Miami Beach, Florida, Siesta Key, Florida, and New York, New York. Then again, as mentioned before, these cities do not necessarily try to advertise themselves as tourist-friendly places, although they definitely attract their fair share.

Even better, when the survey altered the parameters and ran a parallel comparison titled “Top 15 Cities with the Worst Hotels,” Atlantic City was perched very close to the top of that negative rank list, giving Las Vegas a clear advantage over Atlantic City in a sense. However, 10% of all Las Vegas hotel reviews left with TripAdvisor were bad reviews, or in other words – either one or two-star review.


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