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Labor Day Weekend in Macau Attracts 100K Daily Visitors

With COVID-related restrictions missing, Macau recorded an increase in the daily visitation which hit 100,000 people per day during the Labor Day weekend

China’s special administrative region (SAR), Macau, is famous around the world for its flashy casinos providing gambling, as well as other forms of entertainment. Known as a gambling hub, the SAR was significantly impacted by the pandemic-related closures that implemented temporary closures and other restrictions a few years ago.

Some three years since the start of the pandemic, earlier this year, Macau finally lifted entirely its COVID-related restrictions. Businesses within the region were finally allowed to resume standard operation, while tourism and visitation have grown steadily since then.

Now, in light of the Labor Day weekend, visitation to Macau from mainland China enjoyed a significant increase, Reuters revealed citing government statistics and local media reports. Last week, some 60,000 people visited the region per day on average. However, during the Labor Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday, daily visitation soared to 100,000 people per day. This result marked significant growth and reminded of the pre-pandemic visitation figures.

As Macau welcomes the first Labor Day holidays after the resumption of pre-pandemic travel conditions, Government departments put in place a number of measures to ensure a pleasant journey for residents and tourists,

reads a statement released by Macau’s Government Information Bureau

Macau Relies Predominantly on Casino Gambling

Without any doubt, the number of visitors per day is on the rise for Macau. Still, only time will tell how long the gambling and entertainment sector in the region will need to fully recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic.

The resumption of normal traveling conditions and increase in visitation now brought a new challenge for Macau. The uptick in visitors identified that the gambling and entertainment sector needs to hire more employees, amid the gradual but ongoing increase in the business volumes.

Additionally, another challenge for Macau is the diversification of its industry. This is because currently, some 80% of the government revenue comes from casinos. Keeping in mind the share of revenue derived from gambling, the local government has previously proposed plans for the diversification of the industry in the region.


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