L7 Entertainment Launches Lucky Days Brand with GiG in Sweden

L7 Entertainment has gone live in Sweden through its gaming brand Lucky Days after the company received regulatory approval from Spelinspektionen. The launch and new website are powered by Gaming Innovation Group’s platform.

L7 Entertainment Goes Live in Sweden with GiG

GiG has welcomed the opportunity to expand once again in the Swedish market, remaking that despite regulatory headwinds some companies have faced, the company has seen the country as an important source of post-pandemic recovery.

GiG expressed hopes that this process would continue, saying that official data showed growth of 17% between 2020 and 2021 in terms of gambling revenue in the market. GiG director of sales and business development Martin Collins welcomed the opportunity and said:

At GiG we pride ourselves in being the chosen platform of choice for regulated markets. We have been operating in Sweden from day one and continue to serve the market on behalf of many of our clients’ brands.

GiG director of sales and business development Martin Collins

The company has been particularly interested in teaming up with regulated brands as this constitutes the platform provider’s entire business.

Lucky Days is a good fit that helps GiG expand its footprint in the regulated gaming market and also highlights the need for more advanced technological solutions that enable businesses and consumers to connect in a meaningful and mutually-beneficial way.

GiG Continues to Grow Footprint Globally

L7 Entertainment was equally pleased with the developments and said that the company was delighted to have acquired its license which will enable it to service the market in collaboration with GiG. GiG is an established global platform and services provider for businesses in the industry.

The company was cleared for a launch in Ontario earlier this week and has been rapidly growing its market footprint. GiG expanded in the United States and Colombia over the past month as well.

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