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KSA Warns Two Operators for Gambling Ad Breaches

The Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), said Monday it warned two operators after uncovering breaches related to gambling advertising.

Two Operators Warned by Kansspelautoriteit

The gambling regulator revealed that it warned two operators for breaching the gambling advertising rules that prohibit the participation of famous figures such as current and former athletes, social media influencers and other public figures. The KSA did not reveal the name of neither of the operators. However, the gambling watchdog said that it uncovered two breaches. In the first breach, an operator used the voice of famous Dutch person for a TV commercial. On the other hand, the second case is related to the use of a voice of a famous person during a podcast.

The KSA explained that the two operators discontinued the use of the voices of famous people. Since the duo complied with the regulations, the regulator said it will not impose any further sanctions but will continue to monitor for compliance. But if the operators had not agreed with the KSA, they would be facing a cease and desist order, the regulator reiterated.

The KSA had to warn 2 providers of online games of chance. After June 30, they still used the voice of famous Dutch people. That is also covered by the ban. In 1 case this was in a TV commercial, in the other case in a podcast,” 

reads a statement released by Kansspelautoriteit

It was back in June when new strict regulations about gambling advertising came into effect. The new rules prohibited the so-called role models, such as athletes, influencers and other public figures to participate in gambling ads. Besides video ads, the ban prohibits the use of role models’ voices as well. Since the ban was implemented, the KSA vowed to monitor compliance and take appropriate action in case any violations are uncovered.

KSA Remains Vigilant

KSA’s latest announcement comes after last week, the Dutch gambling watchdog revealed that two gambling operators discontinued their offering in the Netherlands. Operators LCS Limited and MKC Limited, recognized as illegal by the KSA, received a cease-and-desist order from the gambling watchdog last month.

Besides the order, the two operators were warned they would need to pay a monetary penalty unless they discontinue their offering. For MKC Limited, the fine would have been €28,000 ($27,200) per week to a maximum of €84,000 ($81,500), while for LCS Limited the penalty would have been €55,000 ($53,400) per week, up to a maximum of €165,000 ($160,100). However, considering that the two operators stopped offering their services, the KSA said the fine won’t be applicable. Still, the watchdog said it will continue to monitor the market and ensure the duo won’t reinstate their services. 


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