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KSA Reprimands Operator for Prohibited Twitter Ads

The Dutch gaming authority or Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) continues to issue warnings to stakeholders who have been allowed access to the market since October 2021. In a somewhat characteristic sotto voice, the gambling regulator has been trying to steer operators towards what they can and can’t do and as such advice has been piling on, but so have operators sought alternative ways of promoting without breaking the KSA’s regulation – at least in theory. An unnamed brand has now got itself a reprimand by the KSA over prohibited advertising practices.

Dutch Operator Warned Over Prohibited Live Advertising

KSA issued a stern reminder to an operator to watch its step on social media and specifically Twitter around the time soccer games air live. The unnamed entity has been caught going against the grain of the country’s rules on gambling advertising. According to KSA, the brand in question has been using social media to subtly introduce odds and links to betting options for live games. Direct advertisement and incentivization to gambling are prohibited during live games.

KSA has confirmed that the warned operator complied with the request to discontinue the use of such advertising. This is the latest warning that comes from KSA in so many weeks after the watchdog warned operators to mind their advertising policies and to be careful of not appealing to underage gambling. 

KSA Takes Dim View of Frivolities in Its Backyard

With 11 operators presently active in the country, it’s easy to guess that most license holders have been found to be conducting advertising practices that may ruffle the regulator’s feathers. Earlier in February, KSA said that license holders should also be careful about exploiting deposit limit laws.

KSA has remained in constant communication with the general public as well, telling consumers that illegal gambling is coming to an end in the country under the vigilant eye of the regulator. The Dutch market still has a handful of licenses to go around. The country originally received 28 applications to launch. Fewer than half of those applicants were allowed to start running businesses in the country.

KSA’s unapologetic stance towards flaunting its rules have been a part of that, along with penalties issued even before the market launched officially.


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