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KSA Hands a $2.2M Fine to LCS Limited

This is not the first time LCS Limited has had trouble with the regulator

The Netherlands’ gaming authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), continues its vigilant watch over the Dutch market. In one of its latest announcements, the regulator revealed that it has imposed a fine of EUR 2,074,000 (around $2,180,000) on the gambling operator LCS Limited.

According to the KSA, LCS offered gambling illegally, targeting local customers through its www.sonsofslots.com brand. Citing this as a violation of the Netherlands’ Gambling Act, the regulator noted that this is not the first time LCS has received a penalty.

In August 2022, the KSA handed a EUR 165,000 fine to the gambling company, asking it to immediately cease its unauthorized operations and leave the Dutch market.

The current fine is in line with the KSA’s current fine policy, which takes over a number of factors, including gambling operators’ local turnover.

Jansen Says Operators Aren’t Safe Just Because They Have Gone Dark

The Kansspelautoriteit’s chairman, René Jansen, commented on the new fine, highlighting the usual efficiency of such measures. However, he noted that some unlicensed operators are not safe when they “go dark,” warning that companies’ past violations can also be punished.

Jensen added that the KSA would regularly check whether unlicensed operators have truly ceased their unregulated activities. The regulator’s job is to diligently make sure that such services aren’t re-introduced.

The Kansspelautoriteit’s announcement reminded gambling companies that only companies with a license from the regulator are allowed to offer gambling in the Netherlands. The authority also reminded companies that they must follow the safer gambling protocols outlined by the KSA and make sure that their players are protected from gambling harm.

KSA Report Outlined the State of Gambling in the Country

In other news, the KSA just published its latest industry report, outlining the state of the gambling industry in the Netherlands. The regulator reported that growth is slowing down as the local market levels off.

At the time, the regulator announced that there are around 676,000 active players in the country, two-thirds of which gamble at least once a month. The total number of players and active accounts has more or less remained stable during the last few months.

In addition, the KSA’s efforts to crack down on unlicensed gambling and channel players toward licensed operators have been paying off as attested by the latest figures. According to the report, the KSA has successfully channeled a stellar 93% of players toward licensed operators, in line with its goal of having 8 in 10 players gamble legally.


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