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KSA Continues the Fight against Offshore Brands

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands’ gambling authority, said that the battle against offshore operators will take a while. Despite the difficulties, the KSA confirmed that this is a battle that it is determined to win.

Jansen Spoke about the Battle against Illegal Brands

René Jansen, chairman of the KSA, addressed the matter. He said that, sadly, the regulator is unable to instantly end illegal gambling. However, the action continues and the legal market will eventually prevail, Jansen added.

Evidently, the KSA, which initially promised that illegal gambling will disappear from the Netherlands, now understands how tough of a battle this can be. While the KSA has had remarkable success in cracking down on offshore operators, there is still a long way ahead.

Jansen admitted that the KSA has been less vocal about its battle against illegal gambling in recent times. Even so, the authority has never let up on the pressure. According to the chairman, the regulator’s inspectors are active at all times and are working hard to tackle offshore operators.

The KSA Will Continue Working Hard

Jansen then provided further detail on what the KSA is currently doing to curb unlicensed gambling. The chair also shared that the high fines have certainly helped minimize illegal gambling but added that there is more to be done.

According to Jansen, KSA’s officers are constantly monitoring web traffic. In addition, the regulator is always checking social media for the presence of offshore operators. The chairman noted that the KSA has investigated around 200 websites since the re-regulation of the Dutch market.

Jansen Identified Two Priorities for the KSA

Jansen’s decision to focus on offshore operators shows that the KSA has two main priorities – to teach its licensees to be responsible and to eliminate unlicensed gambling.

For the past few months, the authority considered teaching the licensees to self-regulate as the top priority. It reminded licensed companies that they should follow the rules on numerous occasions and warned them that refusal to play the rules may force the regulator to introduce more regulations.

In May, the KSA also issued a warning to affiliate websites. Back then, the regulator emphasized that affiliates can promote only operators that hold a license to operate in the Netherlands. Jansen addressed the problem in his recent statement and said that the KSA will do its best to prevent affiliates from marketing offshore brands.

Jansen concluded that responsible licensees and a strict approach to offshore gambling are equally important to a healthy gambling ecosystem.


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