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Korn Ferry Tour Golfers Suspended Over Betting Breaches

Temptation has proven too strong for two Korn Ferry Tour golfers who have gone against the sports’ code in betting on tournaments

The news has been confirmed by the PGA Tour, with the organization noting that Vince India and Jake Staiano would not be able to participate in golf events sanctioned by the governing body and the organization over the next three to six months.

Suspended Under Mitigating Circumstances

India will have to skip the game for six months while Staiano’s penalty is milder and will only extend for three months. This is the latest instance of athletes betting on the outcome of games. The mitigating factor in India and Staiano’s case, however, is the fact that they did not bet on their own games.

This has not stopped the PGA from meting out the punishment it found appropriate. “Both players placed bets on PGA Tour competitions, however, neither player bet on tournaments in which he was a participant,” the organization said.

Although the players did not bet on their own games, this still violated the PGA Tour Integrity program which is designed to protect the integrity of sports on all levels. A persistent problem with sports betting has been the fact not so much that athletes necessarily try to fix games, as much as they may have access to insider information.

This may not have seemed like a big issue for some organizations, including the UFC, but it has certainly been looked down upon and ruled against amongst most major leagues and competitions in the United States.

The Integrity Program, which was updated in 2021, prohibits participants from betting on any PGA Tour events anywhere in the world, as many prominent golfers have been known to at least flirt with gambling, among whom are Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Telling Right from Wrong in the World of Golf

Neither of the players is ranking too high on the golf pecking order just now, and the likelihood of a malicious intention is ruled out altogether. However, sports leagues in the United States prohibit athletes from betting on sports as a rule of thumb, as the fear is that they may liaise with other athletes from other sports and thus fix matches and outcomes.

This is not the first time that the PGA made news regarding betting and match-fixing attempts. Earlier this year, some players argued that some of the hecklers found during live events could be trying to disrupt the game for their financial gain through betting platforms.


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