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Konami Gaming Appoints Five New Directors

The series of appointments seeks to reinforce Konami Gaming’s business while helping it forge meaningful relationships with its clients

Konami Gaming has introduced major changes to its leadership team, announcing a series of new promotions. The company’s sales and business development teams will be reinforced with experienced new individuals whose job will be to help the company explore opportunities in key markets.

Among the new appointees are Josh Faish and Justin Torres who have been transferred to director of sales positions. In this role, the two professionals will be responsible for developing the company, exploring growth strategies and improving customer relations within the sales team.

In the meantime, Caroline Byne, Jeff Fuller, and Rick Tribble will serve as directors of business development and have now been tasked with focusing on growth opportunities in certain markets of great importance to the company. The trio will also be responsible for certain customer segments.

The series of appointments seeks to reinforce Konami Gaming’s business while helping it forge meaningful relationships with its clients.

The Appointees Will Help the Company Grow

The new appointments were lauded by Konami Gaming’s senior vice president and chief commercial officer, Jay Bertsch. He commented on the new additions to the leadership team saying that Konami is “pleased to highlight these key internal promotions.” According to Bertsch, the move will reinforce the gaming provider’s ties with its operator customers, while allowing it to better serve many of its target markets.

Commenting on the appointees themselves, Bertsch praised the five people as experienced industry professionals whose experience will help Konami grow its product reach.

The combined experience within our games and systems sales teams is truly exceptional, and we look forward to continuing to grow Konami’s product reach through strengthened leadership from longtime industry professionals Josh Faish, Justin Torres, Caroline Byne, Jeff Fuller, and Rick Tribble.

Jay Bertsch, VP and CCO, Konami Gaming

Konami Gaming’s Business Is Going Strong

In other news, Konami recently signed an agreement to provide The Queen Baton Rouge, a brand-new gaming establishment at the site of the former Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge, with its in-house SYNKROS casino management system.

The integration, announced in September, powered the newly-opened casino with an anti-money laundering system and an employee mobile application, among other solutions.

In August, Konami Gaming posted its Q2 2023 results, announcing that it had reached $337 million in revenue. The company’s favorable metrics were attributed to the spectacular performance of the company’s Gaming & Systems segment.


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