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Kindred Publishes Its Quarterly Journey Towards Zero Report

According to Kindred, the first quarter of 2024 saw a slight increase in revenue from high-risk players to 3.2%

Kindred Group has published its new Journey Towards Zero report, highlighting the fluctuations in revenue from high-risk players. The initiative seeks to minimize the money the operator company makes from such players.

According to Kindred, the first quarter of 2024 saw a slight increase in revenue from high-risk players to 3.2%. Additionally, the company reported that the percentage of detected risky customers who improved their habits after intervention stood at 87.1%.

For context, the company reported 3.1% of gross winnings revenue from high-risk players in Q4 2023 and an improvement effect after interventions rate of 87.4%. In Q1 2023, however, Kindred’s revenue share from high-risk customers stood at 3.3% while the improvement effect after interventions rate was only 83%.

This means that Kindred continues to maintain a trajectory of improvement in spite of a slight quarter-on-quarter decline. The company attributed the improvement effect to its strong dedication and the collective efforts of its team.

The Journey Towards Zero campaign is exemplary of Kindred’s commitment to fostering positive change within the world of gaming.

Kindred’s Westrell Is Optimistic about the Results

Kindred’s director of communications, Alexander Westrell, commented on the matter, praising the results. Despite the quarterly fluctuations, the operator group continues to work hard to create a more sustainable gambling experience for its customers, he said.

While Kindred has yet to reach the final goal of the Journey Towards Zero initiative, Westrell pointed out that the company has come a long way since 2020. He also noted that the overall trend is a testament that the group’s efforts are paying off. Still, Kindred remains committed to pushing itself to “propel a sustainable progression,” Westrell added.

The director of communications added that the transparent discussions at the Sustainable Gambling Conference in London on 20 March were very encouraging. He added that technology is likely to play a bigger role in safer gambling in the future.

Also, it is evident that technology is moving forward, and will provide greater opportunities to detect and intervene in the future. We hope to see more regulators engage with the industry and with experts to secure a more sustainable industry for everyone.

Alexander Westrell, director of communications, Kindred Group

Kindred’s Journey Towards Zero initiative was launched in February 2021.


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