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Kindred Opens a Tech Office in Bengaluru

The company will employ a local workforce to produce technology for its global business

Kindred Group, a global holding encompassing a variety of gaming brands, has unveiled a new Tech hub in Bengaluru, the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. The company hopes to quickly expand the hub, helping it bolster its tech pipeline.

The New Hub Should Be Working at Full Capacity by the End of 2023

As announced by Kindred, the plan is to have the office running with a team of 100 workers by the end of the upcoming year. The group will seek talented developers and support staff to join its team.

According to the announcement, the new hub in Bengaluru will greatly increase Kindred Group’s tech capacity. Furthermore, an extra Tech hub will support the company’s existing teams in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Kindred is already looking for members of its new local team and hopes to get the hub operational in the second quarter of 2023. If everything goes according to plan, the Bengaluru Tech hub will be working at full capacity by the end of that year. The solutions produced by the Indian team will be rolled out in regulated markets all over the world, providing a lot of growth opportunities for team members.

Kindred Will Offer Tons of Career Opportunities to Locals

Although Kindred will open an office in Bengaluru, the company noted that it will not offer products it services in the region. Instead, the company looks to tap into India’s rich pool of talent. The group described the Indian city as a long-known “center of technical excellence and talent.”

Considering the city’s reputation, Kindred has no doubts that it would quickly find excellent workers. The company promised that it will offer locals exciting opportunities to work in the global gaming sector and develop their technical skills.

Kindred Group’s deputy chief technology officer, Soren Thornlund, spoke about the new hub, saying that the company is thrilled to establish a foothold in Bengaluru. He lauded the city as a great tech center and said that Kindred is excited to offer locals a great career in the gaming sector.

We are thrilled to be opening a new tech hub in Bengaluru. We look forward to building our team by bringing highly talented, experienced engineers into our tech function.

Soren Thornlund, deputy CTO, Kindred Group

Kindred is a company that is very committed to developing technologies for the gaming sector. Thanks to this and its commitment to its workers, the company was recently named the Top Career Company in Sweden. The group received this award thanks to the many career and development opportunities it offers to graduates and professionals alike. It is no doubt that Kindred will now offer these same opportunities to people in Bengaluru.


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