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Kindred Continues on 0% Harmful Gambling Revenue Mission

Kindred Group continues to tackle problem gambling revenue with the group expressing confidence that its active measures to slash proceedings from vulnerable gamers have resulted in significant progress. Presently, Kindred Group estimates that only 3.3% of its revenue is generated from harmful gambling, citing data for the third quarter of 2021, and the group is actively looking into the remaining sources of such revenue with the hopes of soon eliminating it completely.

Kindred Takes on Tackling Harmful Gambling Revenue Seriously

To this end, Kindred Group has vowed to erase harmful gambling revenue by 2023, a feasible outlook and one of the most ambitious in the industry. Kindred noted a tangible decrease in harmful gambling revenue quarter-over-quarter, improving the 4.3% reported in Q2 2021 to 3.3% in Q3.

Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström expressed his confidence and satisfaction with Kindred being able to deliver consistently good results in terms of consumer protection. He acknowledged that the drop in harmful gambling revenue was a good sign, but cautioned that Kindred would need to continue working hard to completely eliminate the group’s proceedings from such channels.

Tjärnström similarly spoke about the company’s increasing focus on younger players in the age groups of 18-24 in a bid to minimize any risks to such consumers from falling victim to reckless gambling practices.

“We have also taken a more cautious approach towards the younger demographic since this group is at a higher risk financially and is more prone to addiction. Therefore, we have set up tailored approaches to de-risk customers that are between 18 and 24, and we can already see the benefits from this action.”

Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström

Work in Progress Backed by Research and Solutions

Kindred Group has been driving steady forays into understanding problem gambling behavior and nipping it in the bud. The company’s head of responsible gambling research, Maris Catania, collaborated with her Ph.D. tutor professor Mark Griffiths to publish peer-reviewed research into online gambling behavior with a particular focus on problem gambling. Griffiths stipulated that in order to tackle harmful gambling, consumers’ behavior needs to be understood first. Kindred has been on a mission to completely eliminate harmful gambling as part of its revenue share.

The company announced plans to reach 0% from such revenue channels in February 2021 and is expected to complete the process in 2023. Kindred Group is also the first operator to introduce Gamban in the United States, a solution that allows gamblers to self-exclude easily that has been linked to better gaming practices.


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