June 21, 2023 3 min read


Kindred and the Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors Unveil New Campaign

The new collaboration will seek to raise awareness and help find stem cell donors for ill patients

Global gaming and entertainment company Kindred Group announced details regarding a new partnership that seeks to raise awareness for stem cell transplantation and help battle the shortage of donors. The new initiative, announced earlier this week, sees Kindred join forces with the Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors, also known as Matchis.

Joining forces, the duo will seek to raise awareness and help find donors for ill patients that are in need of stem cell transplants. The new campaign will seek to help such patients find a suitable donor faster, allowing people that need help to receive it as quickly as possible.

The latest collaboration is a part of Kindred’s “Unibet Impact” program, a sustainability strategy that is effective in the Netherlands. Teaming up with Matchis, the company will try to activate its Dutch customer base in hopes to encourage more people to register as stem cell donors.

There are currently hundreds of patients that face a last chance of survival via a stem cell transplant. Statistics show that unfortunately, only 30% of the patients are able to find a donor that is suitable within their family. This is why the new campaign will raise awareness of stem cell transplantation, encouraging more people to participate.

The Campaign Is Expected to Help Raise Awareness

Bert Elbertse, Matchis’ manager of donor relations and communications, explained that recently, different soccer clubs showed support for stem cell donation. According to him, there were a lot of people that registered as stem cell donors.

Elbertse added that the latest initiative will help raise awareness of the activity. While soccer clubs helped promote stem cell donation, Matchis’ manager of donor relations and communications predicted that the new campaign will further impact this process positively.

Stem cell donation has received a lot of attention in recent months via the football clubs. Many people, especially men, have registered as stem cell donors. It is great that we can reach so many people through this campaign.

Bert Elbertse, manager of donor relations and communications at Matchis

Lennart Kessels, Kindred Group’s general manager, Netherlands, acknowledged that Dutch soccer helped promoted the honorable work that Matchis does. He explained that the company is honored to join forces with the health organization and positively impact its mission to help ill patients. Finally, Kessels said that the new campaign coincides with Unibet’s philosophy “By players, for players,” and predicted that it will help not only raise awareness but help people that need stem cell transplantation.


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