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Kieran Trippier’s Ban for Breaching FA Rules on Gambling is on Hold

Last week, Kieran Trippier was found guilty of betting offenses and received a temporary suspension, effective immediately. His 10-week ban for breaching the FA rules is currently on hold while waiting for an appeal.

Kieran Trippier Received the Ban for Betting Violation against the Football Association

Kieran Trippier received a fine of £70,000 and was temporarily banned by FA on December 23, 2020, for violating the rule which prohibits professional players to give out information to third parties about their position, if that information is not publicly available. The violations allegedly took place in July 2019 according to FA, when Trippier transferred from Tottenham Hotspur to Atlético Madrid for £20 million. These charges were first brought up in May, 2020

The full-back maintains the version that he is innocent even though he was found guilty of betting violation according to FA rules and received a 10-week ban. His suspension is now put on hold while pending an appeal.

Trippier to his version and says that he has also not benefited from betting upon his Tottenham Hotspur departure and has appealed against his suspension. Although the temporary ban left the full-back on the bench for the clash between Atlético and Alaves, it is possible that he will be back in the game. Trippier will be allowed to play while the appeal is in process.

Atlético Madrid Finds the Suspension Unfair and Is Also Preparing an Appeal

Atlético Madrid was left out of the investigation and didn’t receive information on the progress of the case. Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid’s coach, finds the ban “completely unjust” and has asked for the suspension to be revised.

He also asked Fifa and the Spanish football federation to help out. Diego Simeone questions if there is a possibility of a hidden agenda behind the suspension since the full-back will miss over 13 games for the Spanish club but not for his country. Trippier will not miss out any games for England’s national team.

Atlético Madrid’s CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marin has also expressed his opinion that the ban is not fair for both Trippier and the club. He also stated that Atlético is punished even though the club plays no role in the process. He said that if the player is guilty, there is no justification for punishing the club.

Marin cited the fact that the player was not allowed to play Chelsea and the ban is conveniently lifted when England’s national team has to play. Atlético Madrid will also make an appeal which will go to Fifa first.


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