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Kansas Posts First Month of Sports Betting Results

Sports betting in Kansas is going fairly well, and even though the state started modestly, it’s on track to realize better results before long. For the time being, Kansas generated $1.3 million in total sports wagering revenue, out of which $130,000 went to the coffers in September. The results are still modest, but they are not final as the Sunflower State is yet to reach its full potential.

Sports Betting Results in Kansas Show a Confident Start

The state’s sports betting apps drove steadfast interest although they pushed a lot of promotional content to help them build up a presence across Kansas. Whether this has paid off is still difficult to decide without historic data. Overall, Kansas is a little on the lower end of the spectrum, but some states just have a flying start while others take a little while longer to develop an appetite.

Besides, more data is still expected to be released by the Kansas State Lottery. With close to 3 million people, Kansas is not the biggest state in the United States but it’s one with potential. Commenting on these results, Kansas Lottery executive director Stephen Durrell said that the available data highlights the potential for sports betting in the future.

Sports betting has successfully kicked off in Kansas, and players could not be more excited to get in on the action.

Kansas Lottery executive director Stephen Durrell

Durrell welcomed the efforts of the stakeholders and what has been achieved in a fairly small-time window. The launch went smoothly, he said, and everyone did their part as expected. He confirmed that the Kansas Lottery will continue to work for making sports betting safe and secure, and fun for all participants.

Penn Entertainment led the way in terms of how much it was able to win from the first month of operation. Barstool Sportsbook Kansas amassed $762,305 in sports betting this month. Kansas has not demonstrated its full potential, but maturity cannot be a long way off. The existing sports betting legislation in Kansas currently levies sports betting with a 10% tax on retail and online.

Out of this 80% is spent on professional sports franchises to relocate to the state. Kansas wants to develop its “Attracting Professional Sports in Kansas,” which is an ambitious and slightly unorthodox approach to spending sports betting tax dollars.


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