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Kansas City Chiefs Prepared to Accommodate Sports Wagering

The team may retrofit Arrowhead Stadium provided state legislators legalize sports betting and a willing partner steps forward

As Missouri inches ever closer to legalizing sports gambling, the Kansas City Chiefs are contemplating retrofitting their stadium to accommodate sports wagering. Many high-profile teams have expressed substantial support for introducing regulated sports betting in the Show Me State, arguing the measure would bolster fan engagement and provide new revenue and taxation streams.

Sports Wagering Is Not an Immediate Concern

If voters pass a sales-tax extension on 2 April, the Chiefs have announced plans for an $800-million renovation to improve the fan experience at their home stadium. If approved, the renovation of the GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex grounds may finish in time for the 2030 or 2031 seasons.

The team was adamant that dedicated sports wagering spaces would not be part of the initial renovation initiative. Chiefs president Mark Donovan noted that the venue could easily accommodate a sports wagering section, but that eventuality hinged on several factors like legalized sports betting and a suitable partner. He added that the Chiefs wouldn’t account for such a possibility until the right time.

If it actually came to fruition, we’d look at it… We probably have a partner who would want to retrofit with us, right? But right now, we are not contemplating that as part of this plan.

Mark Donovan, Kansas City Chiefs president

The Chiefs could significantly benefit from regulated sports wagering in Missouri, leveraging their Super Bowl triumph to attract lucrative sponsorship offers. However, the team appears to be carefully hedging its bets and is hesitant to invest in sports betting infrastructure without the prospect of an immediate payoff. 

Missouri Legalized Sports Betting Is Likely a Matter of Time

The ongoing push for sports gambling legalization in Missouri is part of a broader effort by professional sports teams, including the Chiefs, the Royals, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Blues, and the MLS franchise, to let voters decide the future of sports gambling in the state. Legislation for sports gambling has faced challenges in the Missouri Senate, particularly regarding regulating video lottery terminals.

Sports gambling is currently legal in most of Missouri’s neighboring states, causing many fans to cross state borders to place wagers. Donovan has been a staunch supporter of a regulated industry, highlighting the success of states like Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee. He noted that sports wagering could generate significant revenue for the state and bolster local teams.

We think it makes sense. If you look at what Kansas is doing and the amount of revenue they’re generating, that’s just revenue that we, as a state, are not getting.

Mark Donovan, Kansas City Chiefs president

The Chiefs’ consideration of retrofitting their stadium for sports wagering reflects the evolving landscape of sports gambling in the United States and its potential impact on professional sports franchises. As legislative efforts continue, the future of sports betting in Missouri remains uncertain, but the Chiefs are well-positioned to adapt to changes in the regulatory environment.

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