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Kalamba Games Announces First Crash Game Deep Rush

Kalamba Games has joined the long list of suppliers that have developed a dedicated crash game

The new game, Deep Rush, is the supplier’s first shot at breaking ground into the ambitious gaming vertical, which has proven a success among players. Crash games are a significant opportunity for operators and suppliers to strengthen their position in various markets and ensure that they engage better with customer bases.

Kalamba Games Dips a Toe in the Crash Gaming Genre

The new title, Deep Rush, has a highly-engaging gameplay already, with players exploring ocean depths in a bid to reach further into the oceanic abyss. Players will try to survive the longest in the water while an antagonistic shark swims around and takes bites out of players.

However, for those who are willing to push their luck, a 10,000x multiplier awaits. The game is highly-dynamic and invites players to choose their own playstyle and decide how far out they want to venture before claiming their reward – or facing demise in the ongoing round.

The game is well-designed and thoroughly thought-out to present players with an exciting and innovative form of entertainment. Deep Rush’s theme is really well chosen as it also ensures that Kalamba breaks away with the traditional “crash game” genre which often sets the gameplay in the air or in space.

This time around, Kalamba Games has decided to go in a completely different manner about it and try to change the paradigm, which it has now accomplished. Kalamba Games co-founder and COO Alex Cohen has welcomed the opportunity to see this new game introduced:

Deep Rush has been a real passion project for Kalamba. We aim to sustain the groundbreaking nature of our recent slots and continue to provide transformative gameplay.

Kalamba Games co-founder and COO Alex Cohen

Changing the Way Players Approach Crash Games

Deep Rush, Cohen explained, is a game that makes sure that players can choose their own playstyle, giving them a further opportunity to customize their experience and gameplay. There is a clear risk and reward factor involved depending on how players choose to play, which gives Deep Rush a stronger opportunity to engage with players.

“We have empowered them to enjoy the title at their own speed preference and clearly display key information such as previous round results to inform their decision-making as they explore the ocean depths,” Cohen concluded.


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