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JetBlue Faces Scrutiny Over Treatment of Jewish Traveler on Las Vegas Flight

The situation started as minor discomfort for the passenger but steadily evolved into a direct confrontation

JetBlue Airways faces stringent scrutiny after a Jewish passenger, who was traveling to Las Vegas, was allegedly discriminated against by crew members. Paul Faust, a 54-year-old telecom entrepreneur from Parkland, Florida, got involved in the controversial exchange as he voiced his objections against a flight attendant’s display of a “Free Palestine” pin during the flight.

Paul Faust’s JetBlue Encounter Goes From Discomfort to Confrontation

According to Paul Faust, the incident began as mere discomfort but gradually escalated to outright confrontation, reported Daily Mail. It all started with Faust observing that the flight attendant is wearing several pins on her uniform, including one with the Palestine flag and the slogan “Free Palestine,” alongside a Black Lives Matter badge. 

Initially, Faust did not make any comments about it but after the flight attendant moved the “Free Palestine” pin prominently and deliberately to her apron when serving coffee and drinks Faust decided to speak up. However, all Faust did was mention the situation with the pin to the flight supervisor.

To his surprise, the situation escalated after the plane landed as an official from JetBlue made accusations that Faust has caused a disturbance during the flight. Eventually, even Las Vegas law enforcement was involved.

Faust insisted that he had not engaged in any disruptive behavior on the plane, however, his statement remained unheard. In the end, Faust’s return flight was canceled by JetBlue and the airline even banned him from any future travel on its flights. The company cited his non-compliance with crew instructions as the reason for the ban.

Allegations of Antisemitism Ignite Social Media Outcry

Following the JetBlue incident Faust has referred to it as an act of “blatant antisemitism”. His fellow passenger Rachelle Almagor also commented on the incident confirming Faust’s version of the sequence of events that took place. She also mentioned that she felt discomfort in connection with the flight attendant’s “Free Palestine” pin and its prominent display.

As a result of the allegations, JetBlue has ordered an internal investigation. The airline extended its apologies to Faust and referred to the incident as a breach of company policies. Additionally, the airline has initiated a revision of its pin policy, aiming to facilitate a respectful environment for all passengers and crew members. Social media is afire with criticism toward JetBlue Airways following the incident. The majority of posts are in support of Paul Faust and are calling for a boycott of JetBlue.


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