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Jelly Joins Pariplay’s Ignite Program

The scope of the aggregator’s distribution network will be a major benefit for Jelly, Victoria Newbolt said

Pariplay, a content provider owned by the global iGaming company NeoGames, has entered a new partnership arrangement with Jelly Entertainment, a developer of engaging gaming titles. As per the deal, Jelly’s content will be added to the Pariplay Ignite program.

Pariplay Welcomes Jelly to Ignite

Ignite is Pariplay’s aggregation solution, which allows the company’s partners to quickly roll out their content in many regulated markets. Once Pariplay has onboarded its clients’ portfolios, their content can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into the platforms of operators all over the world.

Thanks to the Ignite platform, ambitious startups can quickly gain traction, while experienced companies can further expand their reach. Pariplay’s worldwide distribution network makes sure that developers’ suites of content are efficiently distributed in all the markets where the aggregator operates.

Distribution isn’t the only benefit of using Pariplay Ignite, though. Other than securing access to many new markets, studios can also benefit from Pariplay’s turnkey development framework, which allows them to quickly produce new content. Launches that leverage this framework are further supported by a full suite of engagement solutions.

By using Ignite, Jelly Entertainment will quickly expand its reach, becoming the leading innovator it desires to be. The studio employs a talented team and is known for providing flashy and thrilling gaming experiences to end users. The studio recently partnered with EQL Games to develop new iLottery products.

Jelly Is Happy to Join the Program

Victoria Newbolt, Jelly Entertainment’s marketing lead, addressed the agreement with Pariplay and its Ignite platform. She noted that this will greatly improve the company’s global reach, allowing it to engage many fans all over the world.

The sheer scope of Pariplay’s distribution network gives it a huge advantage, and we can’t wait to see our games live with some of its partners.

Victoria Newbolt, marketing lead, Jelly Entertainment

Newbolt added that Pariplay’s decision to pick Jelly as its new partner attests to the talents of the studio’s team.

Meanwhile, Callum Harris, Pariplay’s director of partnerships, said that the Ignite program has proven to give fresh developers the chance to shine by allowing their games to quickly launch with dozens of operators. In addition, the Ignite platform provides new companies with all the tools needed to produce hit titles.

This initiative is one we’re very proud of, and we’re extremely happy to add Jelly to its ranks. We hold Jelly in high esteem for their innovative spirit, top-notch quality, and ability to deliver captivating and entertaining games, and look forward to our collaborations together.

Callum Harris, director of partnership, Pariplay

In related news, a week ago, Pariplay welcomed Mancala Gaming as the newest Pariplay Fusion partner.


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