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Jamie Foxx Returns after Hospitalization, Promises “Big Things” with BetMGM

Foxx published a promotional photo where he is sitting on a golden MGM-branded race car

Jamie Foxx, a famous American actor, has finally recovered from his mysterious illness. In the wake of his return, the star teased a new project with BetMGM.

Foxx announced his return via a Tweet in which he tagged BetMGM, teasing that they have got “BIG things” coming soon.

Thankful for my BetMGM family and a great few nights in Vegas. We got BIG things coming soon.
Jamie Foxx, brand ambassador, BetMGM

Foxx added a promotional photo where he is sitting on a golden MGM-branded race car. The author of the photo, Erik Umphery, commented on the post, saying that working with Foxx has been a delight.

Foxx serves as a brand ambassador to the gambling giant and has previously collaborated with the operator on multiple occasions. He joined BetMGM back in 2020 and has supported the company since.

Foxx Was Hospitalized Because of Health Complications

Unfortunately, the actor has to be hospitalized earlier this year after unspecified health complications. While the star did not disclose the exact nature of his health problem, he said that he went “through hell and back” on his road to recovery.

In an earlier statement, Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, said that, luckily, quick action and great care enabled her father to recover quickly.

In an earlier video, Foxx himself commented on the condition he went through. He disproved the rumors that he was blind and paralyzed by showing that he is still moving just fine and by crossing his eyes to show that they are working.

Foxx admitted that he remained secretive about his condition because he did not want fans to see him in the hospital with tubes coming out of him. Instead, he prefers fans always seeing his cheerful side and watching him acting and having a good time.

The actor thanked his daughter and all the skilled hospital workers who enabled him to recover quickly. He also thanked all of the fans who remained supportive of him during this difficult period.

Fans were delighted to hear that Foxx is now better with many praising him on his recovery. He was flooded with positive messages on both Instagram and Twitter.

BetMGM and Foxx will likely release more news on their partnership in the near future.


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