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ITIA Bans Tennis Pro Roman Khassanov for 10 Years over Match-Fixing

Roman Khassanov, a professional tennis player from Kazakhstan was banned by the International Tennis Integrity Agency. The player admitted breaching Tennis Anti-Corruption Program rules, which brought him a 10-year ban from the game.

Roman Khassanov Banned from Tennis for 10 Years

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) announced on Tuesday that it banned Roman Khassanov, a professional tennis player, for 10 years over match-fixing. The tennis pro from Kazakhstan was banned from the sport after admitting that he has breached Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) rules. Besides the ban, Khassanov was also fined $100,000 of which $75,000 was suspended.

The ban was handed under the 2021 TACP proposal for disposition framework. The framework enables players to receive a sanction upon admitting their guilt, without conducting a hearing. ITIA revealed that the breaches of TACP rules happened between 2014 and 2018. The tennis pro, who once had the highest ATP singles ranking of 671 is now banned from playing, coaching, and even attending any tennis event under the governing bodies of tennis for 10 years, effective from May 9, 2021.

Khassanov Admits Breaching TACP Rules

Khassanov admitted to breaching four TACP sections: Section D.1.d, Section D.1.f, Section D.2.a(i), and Section D.2.a(ii). The first section forbids players from attempting to change the outcome or any other aspect of any event. On the other hand, Section D.1.f prohibits anyone from accepting any money or benefits to negatively impacting another player’s efforts in any event.

Additionally, Khassanov breached Section D.2.a(i), which outlines that the players must contact ITIA if any person offers money, benefit, or consideration to a player with the intent to influence the outcome of any event. Last but not least, Section D.2.a(ii) instructs players who have any knowledge for breaches in TACP rules to contact ITIA as soon as possible.

Back in April, ITIA banned another pro player over match-fixing. The 28-years old tennis player from Argentina Franco Feitt was banned for life from the sport. Before that, Slovakian tennis player, Barbora Palcatova received a ban for three years after ITIA found her guilty of match-fixing.


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