Italy’s Online Gambling Market Marks Record GGR in Dec 2020

Licensed online gambling operators in Italy hit €359 million in GGR in December 2020. By reaching €359 million, the industry surpassed its record of €258.9 million in GGR which was set in November 2020.

Regulated Online Gambling Industry in Italy Marks a New GGR Record

The regulated gambling industry in Italy marked a significant record in December 2020, surpassing the gross gaming revenue (GGR) reached in November 2020. According to numbers released by Ficom Leisure for the news outlet iGB, the licensed operators in Italy hit €359 million in GGR in December 2020.

In July 2020, regulated iGaming GGR hit a record at that time reaching €196.4 million. However, in August the iGaming GGR plummeted to €179.6 million. After that, in September GGR increased slightly to €184.0 million. Then in October, the regulated iGaming GGR skyrocketed to €242.42 million which was the record for the time.

Focusing on November, the operators in Italy managed to raise €258.9 million in GGR. Comparing November 2020 to December 2020, we observe a significant increase of 38.7% in GGR. Furthermore, a year-on-year comparison between December 2019 and December 2020 marks a remarkable 86% increase in the total GGR which was raised by licensed operators.

Online GGR Increases Observed across All Verticals in December 2020

The released data also presents a further breakdown of the online GGR revenue by products. In December 2020, online sports betting raised €177.1 million in GGR. This represents an increase of 59.5% in GGR revenue from €111.06 million in November. Next in line with the most raised revenue in December is sports betting – both online and retail, which raised €176.5 million in GGR for the month, up from €107.5 million in November.

Online casino and slot games raised €153.8 million in GGR in December 2020. This marked yet another increase of 24% from €123.59 million in November 2020. Furthermore, some €12.2 million in GGR were raised by online poker tournaments in December 2020.

Focusing on online casino market share for December 2020 based on GGR we see that PokerStars made it to first place with 11.46%. Sisal took second place with 9.06% of the online casino market share, while Lottomatica reached 7.93% in December 2020.

Looking at the top 3 online and retail sports betting operators based on GGR we see that Goldbet aced the results in December 2020 reaching 12.7% of the market share. On the other hand, Sisal reached 12.4% of the market share, while Snai came in third with 11.7% of the market share in December 2020.

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